Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carefree Cowl Knit Along progress

Progress report - working it!

This KAL deadline is November 9

As my friend, Jovanna, would say - I'm giving myself homework.  Pfft you would think I would learn! NOPE

Well happened that today I took a few photos of the progress I've been making.  It's coming along - but I'm not done yet.

I'm knitting the Infinitude Scarf found on Ravelry.♥    This is a pattern by Jeni.

 I'm using ~400 yards of local handspun BFL Wool.  I bought this at my "local" yarn store Knot Another Hat.  LOVE it!  Go check out the KAH's blog by the owner, Sarah . . . I heart it!

  Cowl - detail

 I'm heading out for a relaxing weekend. . maybe I'll finish it with my lovely girlfriends.  What a grand time to share what we've been doing this past year. 


  1. Your yarn is really pretty!
    Still can't knit here, people run when I pick up knitting needles for fear of my knitters wrath or just because its me holding 2 pointy sticks (And those round knitting needles are the devils work!)

  2. Looking good! I tried knitting, but it didn't "stick" (no pun intended). Luckily I have a great friend who likes to trade sewing favors for knitting beauties! Hey, congrats on the cutter you won!!

  3. I just saw that you won a go cutter! Congrats!!!

    Chelsea @ pins&bobbins

  4. I know absolutely nothing about knitting but your cowl looks lovely. Cool for you for winning the GoBaby on Gen X. :)


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