Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where have you been?

I've been stuck traveling for 30 hours round-trip to attend a conference in Baltimore.

Was it worth it? It was a great time with people that I don't see often. Being away from home for 6 days, away from my routine, away from my fam, and away from my sewing. SIGH

What did I do while I was out of state? I walked around so much that my calves and feet are paying the price.  I think my hips are off kilter too.

I went to the National Aquarium. Here's a photo from the dolphin show.  I sat crying during most of this show.  My fella says it is because I know these animal are slaves.  For some reason it really was sad to me. Overall this was a great aquarium.  For the record I didn't cry at any of the other exhibits.

I also had a tour of the baseball stadium.  This was kinda lost on me because this is not my fav pastime sport. But it was fun.

I kept telling myself to go and do things as I more than likely will never be back in Baltimore.

Food was the best part of this trip. . as it usually is for me.  I found two great places.  I ventured into Little Italy for a place called Cafe Gias I had the homemade pasta and some lovely wine I was SO happy.  The other place was a busy place called Miss Shirley's there were people taking photos of their food before they ate anything - oh I laughed!  How many of those people blog? 

So being back home is so wonderful!  I've cleaned and re-arranged my sewing room {again} Thankfully I'm the queen bee for two bee's this month so I'm not too behind.  Also thankful that many of the bee's are taking a break this next month - ahhhhhh!

I still have some recovering to do. Getting back into a routine.  It doesn't help that a lot of tasks have to be accomplished in a short time.  Cleaning and Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. My fella and I brine our turkey and it's AMAZING!  And then to sewing!  I'll share some of my new creations soon! Happy Thanksgiving peeps! ♥


  1. Sounds fun! And eating is always my favorite part of traveling! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  2. Welcome home! Wishing you a restful Thanksgiving (you deserve it!)

  3. I love baseball, and know what you mean about the dolphins. Have you seen "The Cove"? SAD! Glad you're back! Have a nice holiday, and hope to see you around town ;-).


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