Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Bee Blocks. . . Part 2

{Yeah. .I realize it's April.  I'm sewing up a storm not taking the time to blog. Hee Hee}

Well since I blogged about a part 1 I suppose that I should follow up with the finale for March. 
I successfully completed all of my bee blocks on time. 

Not only that I also got my fabric out the door for the THREE bee's that I'm queen bee for. I sent all these off and they are making their way across the world. 

On to the pretties. .  here we go

My wonderful bff blogs over at Sharing Jovanna Moments.  She requested a twist on the garden fence block that she blogged about here.  She sent along some yummy batiks. 

{Sew Bee It} - March Block 1

I had a wonderful sewing day with Jo and she supervised me while sewing these up.  Good thing I might have kept these!

{Sew Bee It} - March Block 2

Her quilt is going to be rocking! 

I also finished up two blocks for the lovely Canadian, Emelote she blogs over at Flory Counter Flory. She had us sew up some awesome blocks from The Fresh Lemons solstice stars Another Star

Sew Modern Bee - March Block 2 

The greatest colors - eva! 

Sew Modern Bee - March Block 1 

A whole quilt of these blocks . . YUM.

Here's a different quilt bee that I joined.  It's 2 blocks every other month. I finished up these two blocks for our lovely queen bee, This Crafty Fox who is making a picnic quilt.

This one is a rainbow. . well my improv rainbow - with rain drops.  Eeep!
Bee a {Modern} Swapper March block 1

This next block was so fun to make.  I'm starting to dip my toes into more advanced paper piecing patterns {say that 5 times fast}. 
For this block I melded two free patterns from Artisania and tweeked them both. 

Bee a {Modern} Swapper March block 2
The mushroom house has been enlarged. The hedgehog was flipped to make him coming in from the left. 
The hedgehog isn't perfect but pretty rocking {if I do say so myself}.

There's more coming in April. . Happy Spring!


  1. That is an awesome little hedgehog! I'm still far too afraid of paper piecing or I'd definitely make one!

  2. He is so cute! i love your hedgehog!

  3. Your blocks look so fabulous! Crazy mad skills lady :)

  4. Wow, cool blocks! I really love the color contrasts in those first two! Looks like fun patterns to play with.

  5. LOVE the rain drops!! <3


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