Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a bunch of scraps

Do ya'll do anything with your fabric scraps?  I usually keep larger scraps from my projects. There is never any real plans on what I'll do with them. 

A siggy block swap came about and thought this was a perfect opportunity to use up all these scraps.  Wow, I was right!

I made 57 (I think) of these beauties.

Siggy Block Swap

Once of the swap ladies mentioned a cleaver way to sign the blocks.  I've had a bugger of a time with my pen and fabric moving!  No more - get a piece of fine grit sandpaper and sign away!  I was so impressed that a little bit of stability made such a difference.  This is yet another tool in my "sewing" room.  Bahaha

I would think all these blocks would help clear out my scraps and it didn't make a dent. The scraps jars are still overflowing.

The next scrap busting exercise I completed was a few angel blocks for a gal in the awesome Bee a {modern} Swapper group.

She was missing a few postage stamp blocks, so why not!  I made these beauties!

Ba{m}S - May Angel Block 1

Bits and pieces of my sewing adventures over the last 2+ years. WOW!

Bee a {modern} Swapper - May Angel block 2

There are a few repeats in the blocks but not many.

I made these and then remembered I got some ROCKING pincushions from this lovely lady! So happy I could make something for her after her generosity.

While I've moved some scraps out of my sewing room. . I'm still making more! I can't wait to get my camera out to show you some of my new blocks.  Yipee!

What do you make with your scraps? 
Are you like me and think something will come up...eventually!

One day I would like to do make something like this...

although I'm in awe that I like anything with sealvages!


  1. I make bagsful of scraps... oh no, that wasn't what you meant was it? ;o) Loving the look of the recycled selvedges

  2. I love working with scraps. In fact, I think most everything I make uses scraps. I've got a huge scrappy postage stamp quilt in progress right now. I've made baby quilts with scraps. And just last night I finished making a little messenger bag with scraps (I'm hoping to blog about that tonight). And even with all of these projects, I still have a ton of scraps. I think they multiply while I sleep! :)

  3. Very cool blocks!! I sort mine by color, and use them up every now and then with a quilt. They're also great for postcards, and occasionally I'll give some to the art center for their classes and workshops :-).

  4. Ahh, scraps - in some ways they are the bane of my existence. I felt totally overwhelmed trying to keep every little piece and eventually just gave up. Now if it's not a decent size I just toss it. I may be a bit wasteful but at least I'm still sane (kind of)


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