Monday, September 17, 2012

Wall hanging for a wedding gift

Part of the deal of my mini fabric obsession is that I get to make gifts for people.  
I find this to be a smashing deal, especially after a finish.

Earlier this month my fella went flying off to one of his best friends weddings.  
I sent him with this wall-hanging

Wedding ET Phone Home - front

This is from Lily's Quilts her stunning ET Phone Home tutorial.

I enlarged this pattern by who knows how much.
I want to work with bigger patterns at the moment.

Wedding ET Phone Home - front

Can you see the Pat Bravo, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Joel Dewberry, Denyse Schmidt, AND Tula Pink love all throughout this beauty!

Wedding ET Phone Home - back

I added hangers on each corner,
you know as it looks SO different any which way you hang it.

I added some hand-stitching details.   

Wedding ET Phone Home - hand binding

Oh and I even finished the binding by hand - ohhh ahhhhh!

So much love in this for the happy couple. ♥


I'm linking up this post to both these lovely ladies

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Have a great week!


  1. so pretty! love the colors and hand stitching :)

  2. I love this! The hand stitching is a nice touch.

  3. It's beautiful! And filled with so many fun fabrics. That DS print you used for the binding is one of my favorites!

  4. Gorgeous and lovely, lucky newly weds! One day I will do some hand stitching!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful wedding gift! The hand stitching details are awesome!

  6. The hand stitching is such a nice touch, what a wonderful gift.

  7. Heh, that's how I work too, 'I want to make that, wonder who I can make it for?' ;o)

  8. Love the design on this and the hand stitching is the perfect touch!

  9. Interesting and I really love the design it's beautiful.

  10. Very pretty, love the colours and the hand stitching :)

  11. Those are great colors together - they should love it!

  12. Ooooooooooooooooooh, so lovely! They're lucky to have you in their life because you clearly love them a lot!

  13. Lovely wedding gift... the hand-stitching is a nice personal touch!

  14. Looks fantastic! Love your color choices.


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