Friday, October 26, 2012

Not sewing but getting mail

 I've been getting mail.  Like super-duper mail.
Wednesday I got this ROCKING book.

What a Wonderful Day! My new Pathwork Patterns 318 book
Patchwork Patterns 318

Yes, you can be jealous! I've been drooling over this book since seeing photos like this, this, or this.

My book arrived from Toyko from my fella's friend living over there.  I am so lucky.  I can't wait to try a few of the patterns out!

when Thursday rolls around and I get a text from my fella . . .

"What did you order from Dansko?"

I didn't know to read this text.  Is this with or without tone?  I chose to read it with tone because I've been tight with money - like super tight!   Of course that isn't the way that my fella meant it. . he's such a sweetie! He was just wanting to share I had something sitting waiting for me at home!

So, the deal is that my Dansko's are pretty much my favorite shoes but they have been squeaking anytime I walk.  The place I bought them from is ohhh 5 hours away. I contacted the company directly and there is a one time fix. I was super happy that they were willing to do this. 

When I opened up my box from Dansko and I have brand new shoes. . not my old shoes fixed but brand new. sweet, beautiful, shiny Dansko's.

Dansko's make my feet sing

I'm in love all over again.


So I have tons of fabric (stashed), an awesome new quilt book, and new shoes!

I think this all makes up for having a teen in the house. 
{Please remind me of this when I feel emotionally beat up}


  1. Hooray for mail!!! And new shoes would make me pretty happy too!

  2. Mail days are the best. :) Enjoy your new book and shoes!


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