Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A whole new year...where I am with my ALYoF goal

So as most new years I evaluate my habits.

I have some changes ahead for myself.  

Things I know..like braces as an adult. 

Things I don't know... if I'll ever learn to roll with life doing drastic changes on me.


It's also in the way I approach the A Lovely Year of Finishes goals. I want to finish my projects oh so many ideas...but everything takes time.  Maybe not a ton of time but time none the less.

I've set a super reasonable goal for myself...hand stitching the binding on a wall hanging.  Totally achievable.

So what's the first thing I do....

Playing on the design wall
pull out an old project

oh and THEN

New project ...eeep!

start a new one.  

Oh how I love weekends

I really have been working on my ALYoF goal.

Binding seems to be all I do anymore.  #ALYoF

I love how setting a goal, for me, motivates me to maybe procrastinate but look at all that I'm getting done. :)

Funny new year.

Just keep Sewing


  1. That's so funny, Shanna! I do the same thing...I figure it just puts me a bit further ahead on another month's goal :)

  2. Heh, I usually just skip the 'pull out an old project' step ;o)


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