Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I have to say, the blogging world is amazing.  I have been given a Stylish Blogger Award by Lindsey over at LRStiched.  You really need to go and visit her and see all of her amazing work.  {she's having a lovely giveaway right now too}

I'm super lucky to be in two on-line flickr bees with this lovely lady.  Thank you so much for this award.  So on with the fun.

There are rules to follow, so here goes:

• Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
• Share 7 things about yourself
• Award some recently discovered great bloggers
• Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award.

I nominate these great gals:
  • Fake It While You Make It  - Carolyn is amazing.  Can you not tell by her blog title. . oh it just goes on from there. I'm always inspired to sew something besides quilts because of her uber talents. 
  • Why Not Sew? - Erin is in one of the newest bee's I've joined.  We are in the Aqua and Red Bee  So not only is here color choices in the bee great, but her blog is to go ga ga over. Oh and I'll be making her Film Strip Quilt for my fella sometime soon.  I know he'll love it.
  • domestiCass - Cassey is also in an on-line bee with me. We are in the Aqua and Orange Quilting Bee  She's super talented.  I so can't wait to see what she comes up for her month in this bee - soon!
  • Issabella the Cat - a new blogger but some adorable quilting blocks!  I can't wait to see what else comes from across the ocean.
  • Me. . . and the Shedders - Holly is a real friend of mine.  She's taken some amazing photos that maybe on a pattern soon.  Go check out her grand site.
  • Sharing Jovanna Moments - Jovanna is my bestie.  She comes over often and we have been recently quilting making some quilts that are great. 

Things about me:
  • I should be preparing a lot more for a class that I'm teaching this quarter.  I'm more interested in sewing, quilting, and blogging. 
  • I am a new fabric-holic.  If you read any of my Sunday Stash reports you can see this.  I am a "new" quilter and joined into the on-line flicker bee world.  These are now only excuses to buy all the pretties. 
  • Jovanna lives an hour away.  She helped nudge me into quilting.  Although she hates the colors I use, she still loves me. And we really enjoy quilting weekends where we hit up quilting stores even with our tastes being 180 degrees from one another and sew and talk and enjoy what this hobby is all about. 
  • I love music.  I've loved music since I was a wee child {love you mommy!}.  I love almost everything.  Excluding R&B {my sister LOVES this stuff, so naturally I wouldn't} and new Country.  Although I own cowboy boots and live in a cowboy town. . I am NOT one a cowgirl.
  • I've held my current position for about four years.  I'm thinking it's time for a change.  I have only kept the same job for 5 years. . I'm not sure if this is healthy or not. 
  • I'm attempting to garden again this year, I'm slightly terrified of the amount of work this takes.  I've had such a hard time keeping things alive before harvest.  But it's another year and another attempt at this whole homebody thing.
  • I am wooed by British and Canadian humor. I love that I'm able to watch some shows through netflix.  I'm also in contact with my childhood pen pal I had who still lives in Canada. . thank you social networking sites!

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 17 of 2011

    This week has been so long but so short.  I have no clue where the days really went.  It's been a great time just in the past few days because I got some of my bee commitments finished. I'm thinking that I am sure in enough bee's and swap's for the moment.  It's near the end of the month and WOW! 

    I finished one block that's 12.5x16.5 out of my own stash {more on this block later}.  

    I also tired my first pillowcase.  How fun.  I'll be looking for a few more tutorials.  How fun! I did this because I was looking through my blogs and found Karamat.  And then found this pillowcase tutorial.  So I gave it a whirl.  Voila a pillowcase is born.

    A pillowcase that my mother would love. . I use these fabrics my mother so willingly parted with while I was building my stash. I love my mom!

    This week I get to account for an order I put in a few weeks back.  I got this from Kerri at Sew Dearly Loved.  I got my package and I knew I got some linen, Heather Ross precious items, and red riding hood fabric.  This fabric is illustrated by Ariel of pocketfulofpinwheels.  FUN!

    Okay but then I didn't remember what else I ordered. I'm a goof I can't even remember what I ordered. And it was something good! Lizzy House's Castle Peeps. YEAH. 

    I'm so happy all of these things are in my stash.  I'm wondering what I'll actually do with the precious fabric.  Will they sit or will I actually be able to cut into them?

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 17 of 2011


    Used this Week: 1.2 yards
    Used year to Date: 7.3 yards
    Added this Week:   6.5 yards
    Added Year to Date: 170.8 yards
    Net Used Added in 2011:  -163.5 yards (Negative = added to my stash)
    {If only I could use some numbers of the yardage I have as in progress!}


    Used this Week: 0 yards
    Used year to Date: 867 yards
    Added this Week: 0 yards
    Added Year to Date: 655 yards
    Net Used for 2011: 212 yards (Positive = used/sold from my stash. . YEAH)

    Click on over to Patchwork Times to see how others are doing.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    You bought what. . .

    These are the words I hear from my wonderful fella when I bought myself another sewing machine a few weekends ago.  Of course he kinda knew I was going to do that anyways.  And it doesn't really matter because we keep separate accounts - a total relationship saver! This beauty is my first find from Craigslist.

    I got this for a few reasons.

    - I have an 11-year old step daughter who wants to sew.  My heart almost explodes each time she bellies up to my Bernina.  This will be the machine that she'll be able to use without me have mini-heart attacks each time she asks to sew something.
    - I'm nostalgic. My mother had a machine just like this when I was a child.  All I heard for years is how this is the greatest machine ever.  I wonder if my step-daughter will one day pick up a Bernina 1008 just for this reason. 

    - It was cheap.  For a machine that I know how to work it really was a good deal.  I'll have to bring it into a shop to get it checked out, just cuz I roll that way.

    -A carrying case. . awesome!

    It has a smaller throat than I remember. I don't have any cams besides A that she had with it. And there was only one foot.  So I'll slowly be looking for additional parts for my new-old Viking. Heck I even remember where to turn off the light.  Oh and my mother approves because she still tells me I've come out hundreds of dollars ahead - she is so jealous.

    Japanese Imports Fabric Swap

    Well, AnneMarie over at Gen X Qulters she is hosting a new swap.  {YEAH} This woman has serious energy!

    Gen X Quilters

    Who could resist this one. As I live in a rurual part of Oregon, I will have to order something on-line but hey in return I get to play with yummy other fabrics to put into a quilt.  I might even consider getting something that I'll fussy cut .. WOW.

    Pretty exciting!  I apparently got in just under the wire.  There are 28 participants that filled in under 36 hours.  I love it.  There is a flickr group for our fabrics and creations.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    Just One Star

    I made a block for the Just One Star Projects hosted by Moda.

    So much goes into this.

    I wanted to do something in my father's memory.  He passed away June 1, 2010. 
    It's still tough to think about.

    So, I make this star for my father.

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 16 of 2011

    *This is a post of some of my favorites *

    Well. . . Seriously I'm just drawn in by what this quilt blogging community is a buzzing about.  The newest Denyse Schmidt line that is being carried in JoAnn stores.  My JoAnn's store only had these five prints.  Rest assured I'll be stalking other JoAnn stores in my travels within the next few months.  I'm even on the DS flickr group now. . and am TOTALLY bummed that Australia is getting a different colorway than what has been released in the US.  I may be purchasing some of these through Etsy.  {I'm shocked at myself} This is my future Single Girl Quilt!  I've joined the QAL earlier this year but just couldn't find the fabrics that grabbed me.  But, here there are-yeah.

    No surprise here: Sherbet Pips designed by Aneela Hoey.  She blogs over at Comfort Stitching.  But can you believe she already has an amazing new line planned called Little Apples that she has sleekly shown on blog post. This is a splurge waiting to happen. 

    So splurge here.

    Splurge there.

    Everywhere a splurge splurge.
    {This is for my Amy Butler Birdie Sling that I'll make *soon*}

    Seriously. .

    Some of these is for some new bee's I've joined through flickr, for Aqua &Orange and then also another one  Aqua and Red Block Bee.  Some of the fabrics for my months for these groups. Yes, I'm just trying to convince myself there is a reason for this total madness. But when I look at the above photo, there is only two items I don't have a definite project that it will be used in - weird.

    It isn't shown in these numbers, but I really have been working on so many things.  My self-imposed system is to report out only when things are finished.  Here's to being positive soon. 

    Okay just stop reading now. . below are shocking numbers

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 16 of 2011


    Used this Week: 1.5 yards {my 241 Tote posted here}
    Used year to Date: 6.1 yards
    Added this Week:   20.5 yards
    Added Year to Date: 164.3 yards
    Net Used  Added in 2011:  -158.2 yards (Negative = added to my stash)


    Used this Week: 0 yards
    Used year to Date: 867 yards
    Added this Week: 0 yards
    Added Year to Date: 655 yards
    Net Used for 2011: 212 yards (Positive = used/sold from my stash. . YEAH)

    Click on over to Patchwork Times to see how others are doing.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Ravelry for Sewing?

    Do you knit or crochet?  I do and have found a lovely site called Ravelry. I'm totally in love with this site.  I went from gathering random yarns into my stash to actually working on projects because of this site.  I could find the perfect patterns for almost anything my heart wanted.  Hours of my life were spent here while I was adjusting to being a step-mom.

    Then, I found quilting. {Insert loud applause here} My knitting is on the back burner.  My yarn stash is being moved into smaller and smaller areas because the fabric is growing {as you can see through my Sunday Stash reports}.  You could help me fit all of my crafting projects into my crafting room. You can buy my yarn that is for sale yarn here {hee hee}

    I am still working on projects because my yarn is much more portable than my quilting projects.  As work keeps sending me on trips and this will continue for the immediate future.  I have at least 5 projects that are almost done that I'll post soon.

    Anywhhhhhoooooo, have you seen  My Sewing Circle it feels much like Ravelry but for fabric.  It seems new but Ravelry did once too. I found Noodlehead's 241 tote on there.  So, needless to say I've signed up an you can find me here. I would be interested if I'm the last to know {which I usually am}

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    241 Tote

    I've had a long weekend and decided to end it on making myself something functional.  I've been itching to make myself a 241 Tote from Noodlehead

    I took the time to double topstitch the edges. . . this is a new one for me.  I even added this cute little pocket on the inside.  Adorable!

    The bag is a bit smaller than I anticipated. Not that it's bad.  Since I adore it!

    A few blogger folks commented that this only took them 2 hours. This cutie took me more than a couple hours.  It was more like 4 hours, but I was listening to Pandora and enjoying the process.

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 15 of 2011

    I love Heather Ross! I love Heather Ross!  I finally own some of her fabrics. 

    Around a year ago, I was randomly looking through photos.  I found Film in the Fridge.  She's nothing but amazing in my eyes.  I fell in love with a few of her quilts and then I saw the one called far far away 2 quilt and then I was introduced to Heather Ross.  Yep some amazing stuff she's got going on.  So why has it taken me an entire year to buy some of her fabric?  Becuase I can't seem to find it locally.  I finally broke down and purchased the above from fabricworm and more will be coming my way this next week from sew dearly loved

    I suppose it makes my stash so much more complete. Just need a bit of Sherbet Pips and I'll be set for the year--with these numbers I sure hope so!
    I was traveling again.  I went to a few stores which were lovely.  I just didn't find something that I NEEDED.  Instead I picked up a few yards of this and that to continue to build my stash.

    No real progress on anything.  Doesn't help that my postage stamp quilt is out for the making and the love just isn't there.  Is it the weather or the constant traveling. . I'm not sure.  So to lift my spirits, I've joined another swap. I've breaking out some citrus colors, from my stash, for the new SpRiNg CiTRuS sURpRisE sWAp!!   Come over and look at the rules. . it's a great swap to start off with. I'll use some of the greens that I just purchased.

    Oh I might have bought some HELLO KITTY!  Oh how FUN! I have no clue why I get hooked on things. But it's Hello Kitty the last few years.  Kitty Chan - as it is called in Japan.  I'm 34 (for another month) and I'm still into this stuff.  Is this good?

    When I got back for my travels I had this months  fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics was at my doorstep.  This month it's a mixture of fabrics is kinda dark but they are pretty solids.  Yep, my automatic happiness to arrive in my mailbox every month. Lovely stash builders. Especially when it's colors I don't automatically pick up. . these are the best because they are the best to contract what I have in my stash.  Balancing color is one thing that I'm learning.  Le'sigh.

    So the damage is:

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 15 of 2011


    Used this Week: 0 yards
    Used year to Date: 4.6 yards
    Added this Week:  5.5 yards
    Added Year to Date: 143.8 yards
    Net Used for 2011:  -141.2 yards (Negative = added to my stash)


    Used this Week: 185 yards
    Used year to Date: 867 yards
    Added this Week: 0 yards
    Added Year to Date: 655 yards
    Net Used for 2011: 212 yards (Positive = used/sold from my stash. . YEAH)

    Click on over to Patchwork Times to see how others are doing.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Whatcha gonna do - join a swap of course!

    I've been traveling for fun and work.  This time it's been a long haul. I've tried to be positive but a grumpy attitude has been prevailing.  I've been lagging in reading the many blogs I'm following.  You all are amazing.  I've been slowly getting through the ~450 posts. Ya'll are so creative and dedicated.

    While I was in the Bend, Oregon area I was able to find a few quilt stores but not "much" loot to show for it.  I did purchase a few patterns to make some handbags. We'll see if those show up sometime this weekend.

    So to break out of my grumpy mood. . . I just joined another swap.  It's the

    SpRiNg CiTRuS sURpRisE sWAp!!

    I'm needing some fun colors to play with this weekend (which is today for me). Some of my bee's will sit idle but it is only the 7th of the month.

     Here's what I have picked out to play with! Sign-ups are due by April 15. *Blocks need to be mailed by May 10, 2011. And I'm posting my blocks as I get them made and have good light on the flickr group.

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 14 of 2011

     Seriously, it's the beginning of April?  How!  My mom #3 {one of my many adopted mother's I've picked up throughout my life} told me when I graduated high school that time will continue to move faster and faster.  Well this month {or year} has been a prime example of this happening.

    So I have signed up for a monthly fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics. It's automatic happiness to arrive in my mailbox every month.  Okay, yes, I have to pay for it but it's still awesome.  THESE lovely greens showed up, 8 fat quarters.  Lovely stash builders.


    With these solids and in March I swapped a yummy pile of greens with some local girlfriends.  I'm apparently making a green something.

    I might be linking up with a college girlfriend and doing a mini-quilt along with her.  I must say, there are so many things to choose from.  I'm almost at a loss of where to start.   I feel some flickr love coming on.

    Sunday Stash Report- Week 14 of 2011


    Used this Week: 0 yards (I'm not counting my aqua and orange bee blocks from a bee because I was sent all the fabrics and I used up the entire package)
    Used year to Date: 4.6 yards
    Added this Week:  2 yards
    Added Year to Date: 139.3 yards
    Net Used for 2011:  -134.7 yards (Negative = added to my stash)


    Used this Week: 185 yards
    Used year to Date: 867 yards
    Added this Week: 0 yards
    Added Year to Date: 655 yards
    Net Used for 2011: 212 yards (Positive = used/sold from my stash. . YEAH)

    Click on over to Patchwork Times to see how others are doing.

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    What I secretly worked on in March

    So there have been working on some things - really.  I just seem to be posting about my stash building as of late.  While stash building it is exciting, being able to see things come together is amazing.  Well, March was not a finishing month for me, it was a lot of the prep work. 

    I've been cutting and preparing for my colorful baby quilt.  Who knows who this is for - but it's being made none-the-less.

    I just have to say that my fella is a great guy!  He's now a follower of my blog and just let's me joyfully create without criticizing who, why, or when I'll finish a project.

    So, for this project I did pick the idea way back  in January during a quilting day with my best-est friend.  I did blog about that HERE. Even with the months passing, while I've been building my stash like crazy, I've kept all but one of the colors I originally picked.  Not too shabby! .

    Here are the stacks upon stacks of the colors portion of the blocks cut ready to be worked on.  {Look sun, real sunshine. . it's lovely, not so fun for photos but you know} I now need to tackle cutting the white pieces.  This job will be next weekend {along with many other things, including cleaning my quilt room - again}

    I am posting this as part of Lily's Quilts link.  Oh go find some other awesome blogs there.  What fun the blog world is. 

    Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts