Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's your opinion & winners

A giveaway is an amazing thing.  I went from 60+ to 150+  eep! I do hope that you all stay.

Many thanks to both Julie over at Intrepid Thread (here awesome blog is here) and Jenna over at Sew Happy Geek (here awesome etsy shop is here).

I've super ill throughout the entire giveaway.  I'm on the mend, I think.  I'm still looking at the calendar wondering where has September gone?

Since my mind is still slowing coming back to me. . I'll ask your opinion.

What would you do with all of these amazing blocks.  

I have a few more in my house that aren't photographed below (I'm lazy and still getting over the sick) and a few more to make their way back home.
Twice as Nice

These were made for me by the wonderful ladies I sew with in the Twice as Nice bee.  Two blocks baby!

So how would you put them together?


Oh right...the winners of my giveaway?  Why yes, let's talk about that! 

In order the winners are:

Prize 1 - 2 yards of DS Quilts fabric from my own stash
Mary Menzer - blogs over at Fairly Merry I just have to say that Mary is a rocking Bee Mama of the Sew Modern Quilt Bee that I'm in.  We are also in a Aqua & Orange Bee with Mary.  Look at what she's created for a block I'm still working on for a beemate. Do you see the talent I work with!!!  Oh congrats my dear!
56 Mary Menzer said...
I hope I'm as lucky in your give away as I was in Erin's!
Happy post!

Prize 2 - Sew Happy Geek's Square it Up pattern
 Nikki blogs over at Sew Quine. I'm a new follower of her's.  Go check out her rocking blog!  I can't wait to see if she makes up this AWESOME pattern.

88 Sew Quine said...
I'm a new follower (here from the Lily's Quilts flickr group)Your blog looks great, off to read some more.

Prize 3 - $25 Gift Certificate to the Intrepid Thread
Lynn is also a blogger, find her over at Alamosa Quilter.  If you go look over at her blog, the two of us have a big in common!  Congrats my dear!

61 Lynn said...
I popped over from Julie's blog and am now a follower of yours too. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

I've sent emails to the winners.  Thank you all for joining me. 
Here's to more in a non-ill future.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How do you roll?

Looking for my giveaway?  It runs through today September 23 closing at 10:00 PST.  Check it out here.

I admit that I'm a quasi-techno geek.
I feel more quasi more often than not.  I'm beginning to lose my savi-techno lingo with each iteration of new technology that comes about. 

Do you KNOW how long it took me to figure out how to link photos from flickr here?  When I realized I didn't need to up-load my photos in two places I was so excited!

So, how do you follow people? 

I follow people mostly through Google Reader.  Do you know that I get that 1000+ posts to read more often that I like to admit!  I love being able to view everything in a snap shot. I know that doesn't show the bloggy love in the stats but I do see the posts.  Oh and I can search them too.

I love the blog post I found when I was a newbie blog reader about the 'Next' button.  Do you know about that?  I can't find the blog person or post that I learned this trick from. Clover and Violet has a great post on this trick you can find that post here.

I put some of my fav peeps in my 'blog roll' over on the bottom right ---> {you know these ladies ROCK right?}

Do you Flickr?

Yeah this is so much eye candy for me.  I love that so many quilters have found their way there to make groups!  When I was going through blogs I was so amazed these people made their ways into groups.  How did they do that?  Ohhh flickr has GROUPS!

I found my way into the Quilting Bee Blocks group.  Yeah and stalked the 'I want in' thread.  I admit -I did stalk this a bit too much the first few months - thus the MANY a bee I'm in.  I do not look at this group anymore!  I find my groups through blogs now.  Oh dear.

You can see my plethora of photos here

Do you Pinterest? 

I have a few boards found here.
I have a bff from grade school who is a tastemaker in the 'technology' category.  That means she's SUPER cool and spends a few hours on pinterest sometimes.
She's amazing on the techno geeky love.  One day I'll pay her to redesign my blog.  Now what will I have her do?

Do you Twitter?

Bonnie, Jenna and I do. . yeah we might talk a bit here. :)

Do you blog?

I stalk many a blog but I'm always looking for more. ♥  

Do you bee?

I'm the Bee Mama for a group called {Sew Bee It}.

You can go check out the creations on flickr found here

You can see some of the blogs of these WONDERFUL ladies by clicking on their names below

Erin - Why Not Sew?
Sarah - Issabella the Cat
Sarah - Romeo and Juliet Designs
Jenna - Sew Happy Geek
Bonnie - Wonderfully Awkward
Lindsey - LR stitched
Holly - Me ... and the Shedders
Jovanna - Sharing Jovanna Moments

One of the gals in the {Sew Bee It} group who doesn't have a blog made this awesome block. 

Baker Street Puzzle
Foxflower made this block called 'Baker Street Puzzle' as the recipient is in the UK and Sherlock is an awesome show. 

So do you?
I would love to see what you got going on!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's bigger than a mug rug

Looking for my giveaway?  It runs through Friday September 23.  Check it out here.

So I don't always have many finishes to show. But, this is one reason I am part of many on-line bee's. I get that instant gratification of a finish every single month. It's satisfying for sure but it's also nice to put that pin in your lapel for a real finish. 

Quilts are large.  And I have a *cough cough* "few" of these in the works.

Baby quilts are easier!  I'll be whipping something out for one of my real life bff's who's having a baby boy!  OMG I can almost cry! Wait I have cried about it. .a good cry mind you. 

I have been easily nudged into joining a swap although it's SCARY! I swapped a mug rug that I finished last month. It's apparently easier for me to create something on a deadline for someone else rather than make something for me or my family.

This is what I created:
Mug Rug v2 8.2011

Snazzy if I do say so myself.  Not perfect but grand nevertheless! I blogged about this here

What!! I didn't show what I got.  I know, my bad!  Well this is what I got! 
Received Mug Rug
It's so grand!  Look there is a bee on it. . and with all the talk about my "bee's" so much how perfect is that! I love something that captures the time and place that I'm at right now.  So this mug rug isn't for mugs at all, this lives on my key and mail counter, so I use it everyday. 

So, the question is: What's smaller than a baby quilt and bigger than a mug rug?  That's right a Table Runner or a Wall Hanging .I blogged about my color choices in a previous post found here.

I've joined Jenna aka Sew Happy Geek's Swap!  You can join too... just click HERE {you know you wanna!  Just push the text or the pretty pretty button below}

SHG Swap 

Sign-up's are open till September 30th. 

Have more questions after reading these?  Tweet Jenna or me.  Or give a shout-out to Bonnie about her amazing tutes.  We'll tweet you're little fingers off.

Seriously. . if I can finish a swap - anyone can!
Well that might be the second round of antibiotics talking right now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fields of flowers

Looking for my giveaway?  It runs through Friday September 23.  Check it out here.

The first bee I jumped into was an on-going bee.  {Modern 12} a group the queen bee chooses a pattern and the others sew from their own stash.  What a great introduction to the quilting and flickr community.

The last queen bee was Lindsey that blogs over at LRStitched.  When I grow up I hope to be just as talented and kindhearted as she is.  Go over and check her blog out.  You will NOT be disappointed.

The last month of this bee it was sad.  There were many of the bee-mates that had jumped ship. But there were a few of us held on to the end.  It was an interesting feel all throughout the months that I participated and eventually became Bee Mama.

For August, Lindsey asked for Liberated Cross Blocks.  Only a few of the remaining gals participated but I hope she got a nice handful of blocks.  An adorable baby quilt could be made I'm SURE of it. 

Here's the photo of the blocks I made.

{Modern 12} - August block

After I make up any blocks I show them to my fella.  Oh what a wonderful fella I have!  I cheerfully show him all the blocks I make. He pauses whatever he's doing and gives me the attention that I seek. He provides me some wonderful comments.

When I brought him these blocks to look at he gave me extra love.  He can always tell when I love the blocks or when I'm sewing for someone that is super special to me.  He smiled and said how wonderful they were.

The next day while I had them up for this photo came by and commented that it looks just like a map.  A map of roads along fields of flowers. Fields of flowers are exactly what these look like to me now. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am not a leader

Looking for my giveaway?  It runs through Friday September 23.  Check it out here.

"I am NOT a leader"
That's a t-shirt that I always wanted in college.

Low and behold - I am a leader.  It's just my personality. I'm a leader at work, I'm a leader at home, and I'm a leader in a few things I do personally.

So instead of denying it any longer - I'm just embrace it.  I'm learning along the way, but I'll "lead".

As many of my bff's know. . I LOVE to share the information that I do have.  Why should someone struggle with the same things that I have.

I might sound like a know it all. . but rest assured I am NOT!

I've jumped in with both feet leading on-line bees through flickr.  On-line sewing groups with ladies that are super talented. {Men are talented at this craft as well, I just don't sew with any of them} Who knew that sending your fabrics to 11 total strangers and sewing for them could be SO much fun. Well in my case it's around 60 total strangers. :)

Learning how to roll with things can be a challenge.

Picking blocks that work within your group's skill level
Making sure you have enough fabrics
Packaging your fabrics when it's your turn to lead {see my post on this here}
Accepting that over-sea mail does cost more and takes longer to arrive
Accepting your packages may get LOST in the mail
Laughing when packages you thought were lost in the mail show up 2 months late
Sending packages to people no longer in your group
When you are in multiple groups. . remembering which block goes to which person
When it's your month letting go when your blocks trickle back to you super late

It's all about learning how to deal with people and how to deal with yourself.  It's such a great experience! Sometimes we have to remember to mind our manners but once we can do that it's so much fun.

I'm hosting a great group of gals for a group of new on-line bee'ers.  This doesn't mean these gals are new to sewing, although some are.  These women are TALENTED! They are all over the world too.

Go check out their creations over at New Bee on the Block

July-New Bee on the BlockFirst they made a Merry Go Round Block

Block by A.S.K.-P. --->

They second block was a paper pieced tear drop based on a block found here.  I didn't hear any complaining.  It sounded like everyone learned!  Oh and the creations!

August 2011 - Block for shimmyblisster <---- Block by sohobutterfly

Right now they are making book/reading blocks.  There are a few requirements but here are a few examples as they ROCK

September Block for Lina - sewperstitious  <--- This block is by Annamal Quilts'

Seriously look there is steam from the mug.  She must know how I read near my bookshelves

for LinaThis block is by ylmommyx4's ---->

I'm jealous I'm only hosting this bee.  These women are super awesome!

Some of them blog as well.  Go check them out:

** Ester **

Looking for my giveaway?  It runs through Friday September 23.  Check it out here.

I'm not the only one with a giveaway. Go check out Nikki over at Sew Quine she's celebrating another year passing.  Whoop.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Followers Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed

Starting out a new blog and breaking yourself into a new community, is just like being in school all over again.  You hope that the kids will like you, that people won't make fun of you, that people won't do that eye-roll -you know the one!  My 11-year old step-daughter does this regularly now.  

What I've found in this community is all love.

I talk on twitter constantly with two amazing artists Jenna and Bonnie

I've been featured on Follower Spotlight with Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts

I was sent a precious piece of fabric from one of my favorite bee-mates, tutorial writer, and amazing blogger Erin

I've been sent pearl cotton for FREE from over the sea from the lovely Liz. ♥

I even hooked up with the kindhearted Sheridan that lives in Australia. She's my supplier of the AZ exclusive prints of DS Quilts fabrics.  She's an amazing peddler of this fabric.  She put down some serious cash before she got any buyers.  ♥

There are many more! ♥

I've met some amazing people through my many a bee - I'm in 9 now.  Le'sigh
But when you find cool people it is like an addiction.  You want more.

So what does this all mean? Well I hit 60 (+)  followers {at least one is a fake follower cuz my fella does follow me but he rarely reads, it's okay because I rarely read his writing that he does for a living}

And since I stalk others blogs, I stalk how many hits I get a day, I stalk my flickr bee discussions - How about a giveaway for my wonderful stalkers followers.

I have three items up for grabs.
The first giveaway item is a some DS Quilts fabric.  This fabric makes me soooo happy every time I see it.   Half yard of each fabric shown.  This is a total of 2 yards between the four fabrics.

The second giveaway item is "Square it Up" a pattern by Sew Happy Geek.  This is her newest pattern she's selling over at Fat Quarter Shop and her Etsy shop.

photo by Jenna from here Etsy shop

The third giveaway item is a $25 gift certificate at the Intrepid Thread. Go visit Julie at her blog or her etsy shop.  I adore Julie. Look at the order I got from her just a few day's after I picked out some fabric. It's like a present!  Well it was. . to me. :)

Please leave a comment through September 23, 2011 and you'll be entered to win.

This giveaway is now closed 

♥ ♥

You all are so grand!

The fine print.
As this is a followers giveaway therefore you must be a follower. Via google friend connect, google reader, or via email.
All followers are welcome to enter {aka internationals welcome}.
Mr. Random will be used to choose the winners.  The numbers chosen will be gifted in order as above.
I must be able to contact you in some fashion.  If you are a no-reply blogger {check here} or unable to leave info (so sorry WordPress peeps) please leave me an email address in your comment.  I will blog the winners and provide 72 hours for a response.  If I don't hear from you, I'll let Mr. Random choose another winner and it starts all over again.
One comment per person. Your comment may not show up right away as I'll still approve each of them for spam purposes (and deleting duplicate comments)
Giveaway is open from the publishing of this post until 9.23.11 @ 22:00 PST
This is NOT a sponsored giveaway . I'm just sharing the love :) Okay maybe Quasi sponsored giveaway as Jenna is being super generous but she'll get a package from me soon enough. ♥

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh me oh my

How grand is today?  I have one of my bff's here with her hubby and 18 month old little girl (recipient of the ice cream dress).  Today is the last day of the 101st Pendleton Round-up.  And today I'm highlighted today over on Ellison Lane Quilts with Jennifer. Check it out.

The best news is that I'm feeling better!  Whoop!  

psst --- I'm preparing for a little giveaway soon. So stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Machine quilting and thread

I took a machine quilting class.  Oh it was grand.  I was the youngest in the handful of women there.  I'm always amazed that people are usually retired before they take up these types of crafts.

I have to say it again. . if it weren't for some super fabrics I wouldn't be interested in quilting at the moment.  But there are yummy fabrics, patterns, and people who make this pastime a passion.

So not only got to listen to an amazing quilter Colleen Blackwood about thread, sewing, but her ideas behind quilting.  She has a great philosophy behind her quilting.  We are good enough at the moment we are at - something that I need to hear so often with the stresses of life.

The above is just after a few minutes of encouragement and  practice.  I love it!  I will need to save up for a quilting table and then I'll rock and roll.

One of the items that the class talked about was thread weight.  Well isn't it just so fitting that I just WON some Aurifil thread from Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts. . . and it arrive just this week.  Now I get to learn about the different weight threads in person!

I purchased some Tula Pink fabrics. . yum.  I am so excited to make it into a knitting pillow.  The tutorial is by Bonnie over at Wonderfully Awkward and it's posted over on Jenna's website Sew Happy Geek.  These ladies are just rocking!  Go check it out .. if you're like me you'll have some of your favorite fabrics jump to mind.

I would be working on that right now but .. nooooo.  I have strep throat.  Ugh!  Being sick totally stinks.  I just feel like I've been run over a few times without the cough and outward signs of being sick.  I keep telling my fella that I'm not faking it.  He believes me but I still feel like I should be getting ready for the WORLD FAMOUS Pendleton Round-up.  Yep it's this week.  The entire town shuts down.  :)  Let'er Buck.  I'll be doing that after the meds start working.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm a stalker uhh I mean swapper

Sign up's are now open for a new swap.  Jenna over at Sew Happy Geek is hosting another fan-tab-ulous event.

This time there are secret swap partners for a small table runner or wall hanging.  I'm in total awe of some of talent out there. So I'm throwing my hat in the ring and gonna ride the bull.  Both those metaphors work - right?

So go . . sign up!  Click HERE to see the super simple sign-up page, rules, and such.  There's also a flickr group once you sign up to stalk your partner.
You have until September 30th.

I'm choosing the same colors for my 4x5 bee {note to self - SEW baby SEW}
I'm gonna have a sweet Aqua, Green, and Grey something hanging on my wall by the end of November.  It's gonna be super nice as I have a lot of traveling ahead of me for my job.  Le'sigh

I'm dreaming of something with colors like this

Alice ~ Quilt
Alice ~ Quilt, a photo by  Red Pepper Quilts on Flickr

How simple and lovely. 

Or something like this
4x5 Bee Block Trial - Hive 11

4x5 Bee Block Trial - Hive 11  a photo by laineybugdesigns on Flickr

Eeep .. here I go off the deep end!

I'm off to my first quilting class . . YIPPEE!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

August ends and school begins

Well it's been a weird weather summer around here.  I haven't been driven inside crying because of the super hot days.  I've enjoyed a house with just my fella and I while his daughter goes and spends some much needed time with her mother. But all things change.  And here it is again.

We're preparing for school, dealing with purple hair (sigh), and adjusting to the old routine.  {Yes you must go to bed!}

Besides prepping for my month as queen bee in September.
September - Red and Aqua prep

Baby Block

I even got to sew a bit for myself with this block. . whoop.  This quilt will one day be a reality.--->

I've been sewing for my other bee-mates.  How super fun is this!  I totally made a dent in my commitments before August even started (previous post found here).

Here's the rest of my August bee blocks. Although many of them are considered late- sigh.


August - ThreadheadsAugust - Threadheads
Jennifer that blogs over at Ellison Lane Quilts sent us the cutest package ever.  Not only did it have lovely fabric in it.. it was cut up and SO easy to put together!  The longest part was ironing the seams open as I usually press to one side.  {So go me!  I read the intructions before it was too late}

If you are interested in these block dearest Jennifer is having a quilt along for a whole quilt with these. . the results are a rocking!

Twice as Nice

August - Twice as Nice Our lovely Queen bee in this group wanted blocks made from Joel Dewberry fabrics. . YUM!  She wanted to have us pick our blocks ahead of time. . this was an interesting concept. 
August- Twice as Nice

It actually took me awhile to motivate myself for these blocks although I chose them. :)  But here they are all shiny and pretty. 

The hexi block is a change of plans as I couldn't bring myself to do more flying geese. . and it doesn't help that I lost the pattern.  Le'sigh! 

{Modern 12}

{Modern 12} - August block Lindsey joined this group late with me.  She was so super busy last month that we extended the group one more month.  She asked for Liberated Cross Blocks.  Wow. . these were fun!

August - {Sew Bee It} {Sew Bee It}

Sarah sent a yummy package of Joel Dewberry fabrics - love them!  This is a colorway I usually don't play with .  I've had SO much fun planning these for her.  &hearts; I hope you love these as much as I do!

This block is called Girl's Favorite.  YUM!

This is the one block I've made.  Sarah know's I'm good even if I'm late.   I'll try to whip something else up before I post this after the holiday.