About Me

My name is Shanna {pronounced like banana not bawnana} and I live in Northeast Oregon.

The crafting gene has been passed down to me though the generations. 

The fibers I play with is thread, yarn, and fabric.  Yeah I mainly focus on fabric.

This blog is a spot to share my projects, highlight what brings me joy, and to share when what makes me super happy in the wonderful quilting community.


What do I sew on: I have two beauties set-up full time at the moment.
Bernina 1008
Pfaff Performance

What thread do I use: On quilting I only use Aurifil, I'm in love!


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I'm now accepting sponsors, please contact me through my google account fiberofallsorts{at}gmail{dot}com
Monthly and Quarterly rates are negotiable

- I'll promote your business with the following: your site button on my sidebar
- Blog post announcing your sponsorship, with photos and information about your site button on my 'Sponsors' page
- Retweets/shares on my Twitter and Facebook pages for your sales, etc {with specific arrangements}
- I would love to host an optional blog giveaway


 Modjeska Designs has designed my blog title, and many of my buttons. If you are looking for personalized web, button, badge, pretty cool looking things, go look at her facebook page or contact her through email Kristin(at)ModjeskaDesigns(dot)com

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