Friday, February 28, 2014

My January & February ALYoF finish

I finished my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal.  

It only waited for 2 months.  :)

But it's DONE

I have completed and started a few items in between.
That's the funny thing about my goals.  Sometimes it motivates me to do other projects.

So I've been mustering up the courage to do more FMQ.  I adore straight-line quilting but how am I to grow without practice?

So here's my wall hanging.  Love it.

#ALYoF  no name ....yet

Name: Blue Star Bursting 
Size: approx. 19.5" x 19.5"
Fabrics:  Stash fabrics and batiks from my mom
Pattern:  March Starburst from Canoe Ridge Creations
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : December 2013
Completed: February 2014

And the cream needed something so why not try out a ton of edge embellishments?

#ALYoF Feb finish. Quilting detail

Wanna see the back too... ohh okay.

#ALYoF back with label and hand stitched binding

Tag and all.  Whoop

I can't wait to give this to my fella's brother and sister-in-law.


And I had this on my FAL Quarter 1 goals

Finish Along 2014



I kinda hate when I avoid something just cuz it sounds too good to be true. When I finally cave and say...get these #machingers and they are awesome.  I should get them sooner.  #ALYoFI also figured I would try the raved about Machingers Quilting Gloves
I love them as much as people have raved about them.
Darn it.

These are super soft, breathable, and well just awesome.

I'm kicking myself for not jumping on this bandwagon sooner.

My gardening gloves I've been using are going to the garden this spring.



Well, I've finished.  Hope you are getting there too!

Remember you still have time to finish your project.  You have until February 28, 11:59 PST
Link up HERE

Oh and go check out what Melissa finished. LOVE!

If not remember there is always next month!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes PSA

A Lovely Year of Finishes 
~Public Service Announcement~ 

At the end of the year, if you have participated at least finishes, you will be able to participate in our end of year link up, which will take place in January 2015. 

You will create a collage, blog post, or flickr photoset showing us your 6 or more goals you've finished throughout the year. Show us your Lovely Finishes and we will have another set of giveaway prizes especially for you!


We had it wrong on our page *and it's being fixed now* 

SIX to get into the finale.

It's not too late to jump in.

And you have til Friday to link up your February finish here then we start all over again on Sunday  Saturday ~ wee March.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Craftsy Review: Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought you can see the classes I've reviewed Craftsy Class Review.  

In this post, I'll review Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags
with Tara Rebman that blogs over at tinkerfrog

What I learned - I learned everything awesome from this class.  This is quilt-as-you-go, zippers, bag cutting, bag sewing, bag construction, binding, rounded corners, sewing with leather, clutches, & just making anything amazing! I may have given away my rating already.

Seeing all this done is awesome.  I replay the inset zippers about once a month.  They are such smart pockets I've been using these babies. Pretty much this entire class rocked my world.  Tara just made it look all so simple easy, my execution may NOT have been so easy but the results are always there. And as with anything practice makes perfect.  :)  

Teacher - Tara Rebman is so great on camera.  Tara was comfortable and a comfortable chatty while she sews.  It makes the class go fast, too fast if you ask me. I feel she is 100% knowledgeable with this topic. 

Class Content - This class includes bag patterns but also so-so much more.  This is a super fun class to watch.  This class helped me concur some of my ohh yeah I see everyone else doing that but I just don't get it. I do! The techniques Tara presents are clear and super helpful.

Rating - Blah - So So - Like - Love this class.

I love this class. I purchase this class right away when it came up.  I had been oogling over QAYG for a bit and knew a video would be perfect for my learning style.  I've made a few bags and even put in a few zippers but this class helped me become way more comfortable with all of this.

I would recommend this class to any level quilter.

I would buy this class again in a heartbeat!

My completed potholder <3 thank you @becraftsy & @tinkerfrog this has been on my list for years but the class nudged me

Potholder with rounded corners - yep!

Smart pocket with help from @tinkerfrog @becraftsy class. I do feel smart, although practice will help too ♥

Smart pocket in action!

Liberty Pillow Challenge - Front piping

Rounded corners - check!

To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

As a reminder of the fine print: these are affiliate links but the opinions are all my own.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

February: A Lovely Year of Finishes - Finishes Party

A Lovely Year of Finishes

How did you do on your ONE goal you set for ALYoF?

Remember to go show your projects over on Twitter or Instagram with the hastag #ALYoF
We have a facebook group
And a flickr page

Can you see why there needs to be two of us to keep up.


If you finished your goal by February 28 at midnight PST
you remembered to Link-up the first 7-days of this month

Add your blog post or flickr photo (with appropriate descriptions) to the linky party below.

Please grab a button or link back to Melissa and I so other people can join in the fun!
See stage left

Remember if you make it easy on us by linking back to your entry # at the beginning of the month, providing a note what ONE project you choose for ALYoF, or even making a single post for us...we can give you prizes even faster.  

**Please note, the linky party is the same here and over at Melissa , so there is no need to enter twice **

Here's what we have offered from our fantastic sponsors for February prizes:

1. $15.00 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop

2, 3. TWO winners each getting to choose one pdf pattern
from Sew BitterSweet Designs ($10 value)

4. PDF Pattern from Persimon Dreams

Project QUILTING Season 5

5. Quilting Patterns designed by Quilting Lodge

6. Thread Prize from Aurifil

7. Green Fairy Quilts – 3 pdf patterns

8. Sew Sweetness – 1 pdf Pattern

Sew Sweetness

9. 1 Charm pack or $10.00 gift certificate to


As always.  Let Melissa and I know if you have any questions.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild - Riley Blake Challenge

Super excited to show off my Riley Blake Challenge finish.

Quilt Stats:
Name: RB in MQG
Size: approx. 19.5" x 19.5"
Fabrics:  MQG Riley Blake challenge fabrics, kona solids, & Kona white
Pattern:  None, inspiration from Instagram.
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : February 2014
Completed: February 2014 

And now the story...

I got these lovely fabrics as I'm an individual member of the MQG.  

#mqgrileyblakechallenge  fabrics in the house. Can't wait to get started thanks @themqg

So I have been pondering for months!  Oh dear since October!!

I tried this block with some solids earlier this month and was happy but not enough to go forward with a larger project.  

I should be doing anything else!

Then I just jumped and make this wall hanging.

#mqgrileyblakechallenge I'll finish this up quickly ... if only my machines let me. Faceplate missing on one the other is missing important feet.

That's right . . I started yesterday!  Ugh!

Well first I misplaced my Pfaff face-plate for anything other than straight stitch, and then I found that my other machine I have set up .. is missing some feet. Important feet I may tell you.  Still all missing by the way. But I got it. . it's all good.  I basted this beauty and let it sit for today.

And then. . the cat!  Oh the cat.  

My cats idea of helping....

Apparently he thinks that Washington's birthday means he gets all the attention.  At one point I had in in my lap while I was stitching.  

HOURS I fought with the cat but finally got down to binding.

In the home stretch!  #mqgrileyblakechallenge

And now...

A wall hanging

I'm super proud of my growth with my FMQ.  It's so perfect in my eyes.

A finish means I get to go shower.  


Happy Monday


And this was part of my FAL Q1 goals

Finish Along 2014


Saturday, February 15, 2014

February - A Lovely Year of Finishes Participant Highlight - Karen at Capitola Quilter

Eeep middle of February.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Melissa and I hope that everyone is safe with the variety of weather happening around the world.


Super excited to remind everyone to work on their goals - uhhh ME!  


We also want to thank our sponsors this month.


This month our participate highlight is the positive & uber creative Karen!

Photos provided from - photo from CapitolaQuilter - thanks for sharing

Blog name: CapitolaQuilter - secondhandscraps
Name you’re known by throughout quilting world: CapitolaQuilter (Karen)

What's your ALYoF goal this month: The Lotus Tile Pillow made from the quilt block that I started in a needle turn applique workshop with Bobbi Finley.   
 Lotus Tile Pillow
How do you approach your sewing goals? With complete chaos and plenty of guilt.  I am constantly discovering new projects I want to make but have countless projects already started.

How do you organize/prioritize your projects? Bundled in UFO buckets and some smaller containers. It’s better than before I reorganized my sewing room.  Boarding my fabric and sorting my scraps made a huge difference but there is still a lot of digging and clutter.  Prioritizing is almost always deadline based.

What is your current favorite project that you are working on? Will you share pictures with us? A few months ago I joined a small group the Fabric Hounds and just finished FMQing and binding a quilt to be auctioned at an upcoming quilt show.  This collaborative creation is called “Pup Art”.  We meet in Capitola so I thought it was fitting to take it for a photo shoot with the colorful backdrop of Venetian Court.

What is your dream project to work on? Something special made with Liberty of London.

What is your favorite time of day to sew? When I can devote a nice chunk of time uninterrupted - I especially love to get that second wind and stay up all night (or at least until 2am) like at a Retreat.  

What is your favorite quilting/sewing accessory? My Baby Lock Symphony sewing machine.  I have a newfound appreciation for the features that let me be lazy and also the intuitive touchscreen.

What is your number one quilting/sewing goal for 2014? To attend as many local workshops as I can and to sew from stash so I can save up enough to attend QuiltCon 2015.

What is one technique you really want to learn? Straight stitch quilting using my walking foot and eventually work my way to matchstick quilting or what I like to call toothpick quilting (because really - it’s THAT thin!)  I also want to try the FMQ sketched applique technique like the Doodle Dragon made by my friend Anne @ PlayCrafts.


Thank you so much Karen for joining us today! 

Keep up the great work on your one goal for this month - you can do it! 

The finishes link-up starts the last 7 days of the month and will end before the month is over.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Craftsy Review: Pattern-Free Quiltmaking

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought or have in my profile. You can see the summary of classes I've reviewed here, Craftsy Class Review

In this post, I'll review Pattern-Free Quiltmaking
with Joe Cunningham from Joe the Quilter

What I learned - The quilting world is not only for women.  There are some great guys out there making their mark as well. 
Teacher - Joe the Quilter is a funny guy.  There are a few moments that I could tell that he presents way better in person instead of a virtual classes. Joe is a bit older, around my parents age, and very much a man from his generation.  Joe did not keep me very engaged. I felt he is very knowledgeable with this topic. And if I'm in the right mood, he is entertaining to watch.

Class Content - Joe shows different way to approach an improvisation quilting for a quilt top. The techniques Joe presented are the different approaches you can use for a quilt top as long as you follow your own formula.  The class ideas are clearly presented but sometimes I feel as if Joe forgets his train of thought. 
Rating - Blah - So So - Like - Love 

It's hard to rate something when I know that many people love them.  This is a 'blah' rating for me although Joe is so fun to watch.

I would recommend this for someone who knows Joe and enjoys his class. I'm a 'modern' quilter and some of the fabrics and the pace of this class is just not my style.  But it might be yours :)

This class is for any level quilter to find the ideas to play with fabrics, especially in your stash.  The quality for the price, I got this on super sale, is alright.  I would not buy this again. But since I have it, I do re-watch this class when I have something that may work.  It's a tool for my toolbox that I may not use but not regularly but am happy to have there.


To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

As a reminder of the fine print: these are affiliate links but the opinions are all my own.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Apples of Joy - a quilt

It really does take me years to get around to some of these things.

I made up this lovely quilt from a charm pack way back in {cough} Dec, 2011

Little Apples - quilt top



I used the  tutorial found over with Elizabeth at Don't Call me Betsy 

This top took me a whole few hours from start to finish.  Then it waited...

and waited...


and waited.

But it wasn't until earlier this month when I posted about my FAL projects and went ah-ha.  

Of course I didn't use this ON my FAL project lists.
Pfft whatever!  

It only took me, at most, 1 hour to free motion quilt the meander pattern.  I just have to do more to be comfortable.

I brought this beauty along during my girls weekend to the Washington (state) coast trip.

A finish!  TaDa!

Little apples quilt done and done. It's been instantly being claimed by a gf for her littlest one ♡♡♡♡♡

Quilt Stats:
Name: Apples of Joy
Size: approx. 32" x 32"
Fabrics:  Little Apples charm pack and Kona white
Pattern:  Sweet Girlie Charm Square Quilt tutorial by Elizabeth @ Don't Call me Betsy
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : December 2011
Completed: January 2014 

And it was instantly snatched up by my bff.  Her youngest daughter is waiting for her knitted blanket so she totally needed this to keep her at bay.  Totally! 

It's a fun finish.

Now if I'll just baste some quilts, I'll just be cranking these puppies out.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Winners ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Applause go out around the world!

Super excited to see some new faces.  Always love seeing the participants show up old and new!  This past month I didn't make my goal - there isn't anything wrong with that!  I just get to try again.

But there were a whole bunch of you 172 that did make your goals.  Congrats!  You are all winners.

We have some amazing sponsors this year that keep making this fun.

Mr. Random (upon verification) chose these as our winners.

January Prizes Include:

1, 2. TWO winners each getting to choose one pdf pattern
from Sew BitterSweet Designs ($10 value)

Kacey from The Little House in Vincent Woods
Elizabeth from A Wandering Minstrel I

3. Quilting Patterns designed by Quilting Lodge

Jess from One English Teacher 

4. Persimon Dreams - Project Quilting Mystery Bundle


KatieQ from Katie's Salt Marsh Path 

5. Thread Prize from Aurifil

Deb from asimplelife Quilts

6. Green Fairy Quilts - 3 pdf patterns

Beth from Hello Quilt Lady

7, 8. Honey, Bunny and Doll - 2 Patterns

Honey, Bunny, and Doll

Jo from Ramblin' Rows
Deborah from Sunshine Through The Rain

9. Sew Sweetness - 1 pdf Pattern

Sew Sweetness

Heather from Heather's Creative Blessings

How fun to share all these prizes.

Please go and say hello to the winners and show the love to our sponsors!


And remember the last day for your ONE February goal setting is the 7th.

It really will be a lovely year of finishes!