Friday, April 15, 2011

Ravelry for Sewing?

Do you knit or crochet?  I do and have found a lovely site called Ravelry. I'm totally in love with this site.  I went from gathering random yarns into my stash to actually working on projects because of this site.  I could find the perfect patterns for almost anything my heart wanted.  Hours of my life were spent here while I was adjusting to being a step-mom.

Then, I found quilting. {Insert loud applause here} My knitting is on the back burner.  My yarn stash is being moved into smaller and smaller areas because the fabric is growing {as you can see through my Sunday Stash reports}.  You could help me fit all of my crafting projects into my crafting room. You can buy my yarn that is for sale yarn here {hee hee}

I am still working on projects because my yarn is much more portable than my quilting projects.  As work keeps sending me on trips and this will continue for the immediate future.  I have at least 5 projects that are almost done that I'll post soon.

Anywhhhhhoooooo, have you seen  My Sewing Circle it feels much like Ravelry but for fabric.  It seems new but Ravelry did once too. I found Noodlehead's 241 tote on there.  So, needless to say I've signed up an you can find me here. I would be interested if I'm the last to know {which I usually am}

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