Friday, April 8, 2011

Whatcha gonna do - join a swap of course!

I've been traveling for fun and work.  This time it's been a long haul. I've tried to be positive but a grumpy attitude has been prevailing.  I've been lagging in reading the many blogs I'm following.  You all are amazing.  I've been slowly getting through the ~450 posts. Ya'll are so creative and dedicated.

While I was in the Bend, Oregon area I was able to find a few quilt stores but not "much" loot to show for it.  I did purchase a few patterns to make some handbags. We'll see if those show up sometime this weekend.

So to break out of my grumpy mood. . . I just joined another swap.  It's the

SpRiNg CiTRuS sURpRisE sWAp!!

I'm needing some fun colors to play with this weekend (which is today for me). Some of my bee's will sit idle but it is only the 7th of the month.

 Here's what I have picked out to play with! Sign-ups are due by April 15. *Blocks need to be mailed by May 10, 2011. And I'm posting my blocks as I get them made and have good light on the flickr group.

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