Monday, August 22, 2011

What does August bring again?

August weekendSeems like things are going a wee bit slow but so fast at the same time.  It's the time to gather fresh fruits and veggies.  A freezer is full and the garden hasn't started producing what it does yet.

My last few weekends not only has these beauties . . .

25 pounds of Walla Walla sweet onions in the freezer.  Yes they say onions turn weird in the freezer but I can't tell.  It's so convenient! 

 I also am the one of the two queen bee's in my Aqua and Red Bee.  These ladies so rock!  Many of them were willing to make me two blocks.  Once these return I'll have an entire top ready to go.Once I figure out the sashing.

Red and Aqua prep
Here's a photo of the fabrics being sorted to ship out.  Ohhh pretty. 

I'm taking a beginning quilting (machine top stitching) class this next month. . once this is done maybe this will be my first experience (after lots o' practice)

I have to say these are pretty darn fancy pictures from my new Droid 3 phone. .oh la la!


  1. So how geeky is it that I can identify the designer and fabric line of many of those strips? Do you think maybe I'm carrying too much useless information around in my head?
    I do love the aqua and red...ahhh...and how funny we're both sending that out for our bees this month? p.s. your droid takes much better photos than mine does.

  2. congrats on the new phone, your pics are very oooh la la! ;) I love the fabrics for red/aqua. Can't wait to see what you get back!

  3. Yummm....I love walla walla season!

  4. Oh what lovely colors of those strips! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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