Monday, May 13, 2013

Winners and Weekends

It was a lovely weekend overall.

And now it's Monday.

The winner of my Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway is ...

Nichole of Modern Handcraft
Congrats sweetie!
I have the package all ready to mail.

I was able to take advantage of travels and sales this weekend.  I have a few more gadgets that I'll be doing reviews for.

My weekend...tada

This weekend I worked on an old old WIP.

And with glee, I finished all the blocks by the end of the weekend.

This block and pattern is from the Superstar from Elizabeth Hartman's book

So pretty!

The step-daughter said a medium gray would be a good border and well I have no clue what the back will be at this point in time. 

All in good time.


  1. Yay for getting all that whipped up! Grey will be great as a border, I usually lose the will to live by the time I get to the backing ;o)

  2. I love the yellow on on the bottom right. Super cool! Thanks for showing us!

  3. Oohhh i love your wip!!! If you ever have any wip or ufos that need a loving home, just let me know lol barbara

  4. I do love the way you've arranged those blocks. Very interesting look to the quilt. Congratulations on finishing your WIP blocks. Better now than never. =)

  5. I love this! I have spied that pattern a few times, but haven't been brave enough to give it a try...maybe I will have to after all! A gray print would make a great back, especially with a gray border and all the bright color!

  6. This pattern is really effective... I have this book, I must look at it again! Good luck with your goal... stop straying :0)


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