Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Super Seminar

You know. .
It helps that I'm lucky!

I have some fantastic quilting stores around me. . Stash!!!
Go check out their on-line store.  You'll see why I adore them! 
{They stock tons of Tula Pink.} 

In September I was on a winning streak! 
The ladies at Stash were giving away a ticket by random to the Ricky Tims Seminar

And I WON.

First off... was on the road suuuuuper early

For those that know not an early person.  This is all due to a quilting seminar I won
I'm NOT a morning person.

I spent 2 and a half days with 380 women and 3 men all without a sewing machine, learning about quilting. 

These people were dedicated that even 50 minutes before the show started people were there in droves! {As you can see, I was one of them}

The doors have been open 10 minutes (at least 80 people here already).  Program starts in 50 minutes.  Who can say quilting is dead when 300 ladies (& 3 men) have gathered in Eastern Washington.  Again early morning - sigh #rickytims  

I have to say, I was soooo impressed!
Those Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, and Melinda Bula are some funny peeps.

Ricky Tims quilting seminar.  ♡♥♡♥

While all their fabric choices aren't my style. 
Maybe their techniques aren't ones I want to do now.
Pfft that didn't mater one iota!

It was the passion they bring to this quilting experience. 

How real they are and able to show their quilting experiences.
Totally inspirational.

Having someone remind me that I'm awesome and can try these "hard" things, show me any new techniques, share their fast tips. 

Ahhh that's what quilting is about.

Thanks dearest Stash
I might actually try a kaleidoscope someday soon.



  1. The ladies I was teaching in the Alps were obsessed with Ricky Tims! I didn't like to say I'd never heard of the bloke before, so I just smiled and nodded a lot...

  2. Having someone as passionate about their craft as they are - as as humorous as they are - talk about it...their passion will spread with the slightest encouragement!!! And of course you are awesome...did you ever doubt it???


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