Monday, December 30, 2013

My December ALYoF finish and new blog planner

I finished my December goal!

It's fitting that I finished cutting my Lazy Sunday (pattern by May Chappell) quilt out on a Sunday.

December #ALYoF finished by cutting all my Madrona Road by the awesome Oregon artist @violetcraft ready for a Lazy Sunday pattern by the talented @maychappell

It was a great weekend for sure. I'm loving that I am using this fabric.

And the month has been uber awesome as I'm on the path to organization!

2014 organization underway. Thanks to @k_holt_photo

I purchased this beauty from Kristin at her etsy shop ModjeskaDesigns

I'm excited to track and to prepare.

I can see what is coming up for the 2014 A Lovely Year of Finishes but also trying to get some of my posts in too.  :) 

I'm excited to see if I can trend my own work to the traffic I get here.

And I'll be taking snapshots (there is a place in this planner for this) of my social media buzz.

I'm still not going to be super strategic but it's the prep for this thing called life.

Now off to prepare for next year!


  1. All that fabric cut looks awesome, good luck in the planning of the New Year.

  2. Good luck with all your planning and organising :o)

  3. Yeah! Love all of the fabric!
    Thank you for the Etsy shout out!
    Saw your post via .
    This year is going to ROCK!


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