Friday, April 1, 2011

What I secretly worked on in March

So there have been working on some things - really.  I just seem to be posting about my stash building as of late.  While stash building it is exciting, being able to see things come together is amazing.  Well, March was not a finishing month for me, it was a lot of the prep work. 

I've been cutting and preparing for my colorful baby quilt.  Who knows who this is for - but it's being made none-the-less.

I just have to say that my fella is a great guy!  He's now a follower of my blog and just let's me joyfully create without criticizing who, why, or when I'll finish a project.

So, for this project I did pick the idea way back  in January during a quilting day with my best-est friend.  I did blog about that HERE. Even with the months passing, while I've been building my stash like crazy, I've kept all but one of the colors I originally picked.  Not too shabby! .

Here are the stacks upon stacks of the colors portion of the blocks cut ready to be worked on.  {Look sun, real sunshine. . it's lovely, not so fun for photos but you know} I now need to tackle cutting the white pieces.  This job will be next weekend {along with many other things, including cleaning my quilt room - again}

I am posting this as part of Lily's Quilts link.  Oh go find some other awesome blogs there.  What fun the blog world is. 

Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts


  1. Beautiful's going to make an amazing quilt. I can't wait to see it all sewed up!

  2. I love those fabrics and the idea of a baby quilt for whoever whenever. And I also love the fact that you said your husband lets your just get on with it with no criticism or questioning. Wonderful. What a lovely sunny post too - in spirit as well as the sun in the photos!


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