Thursday, November 29, 2012

Local fiber love

I not only have this lovely blog and meet some fantastic people but I've met some local people too.

One is particular lives just down the street
Really. . . we live on the same small town road. 

Photo from Becky at Solar Threads
Becky who blogs over at Solar Threads is an amazing artist that I've been able to not only do a few sewing days but I've been able to be inspired to do some different projects with too. 

Specifically I'm going to shamelessly copy her Tula Pink quilt with her quick and dirty tutorial found here.

This is truly amazing in person!  I can see why she won second place in the Sew Sweetness Tula Pink Sew Along

Oh look I have the same fabrics just waiting to be made in the same quilt!

Becky is selling a few quilts over in her ebay storeThese end on Sunday. Go check them out if your looking for a perfect quilt - just in time for the holidays!

Becky is so awesome that we're even going to venture to the local quilt guild together. . I'm scared to try it alone. I'm so happy to have someone there to calm my nerves!

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Make sure to check back with me starting tomorrow I have an exciting few weeks coming up!


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Becky. She made a beautiful quilt

  2. Thanks so much! So glad you like it. I'm glad we "met" through the Gen-X swap! Too funny. We quilters seem to have a way of finding each other though, don't we ;-).

  3. so envious you have a local fiber love - you will surely have fun at guild together!


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