Monday, October 31, 2011

A few months back and a little this past weekend

I have a quilting day with a friend, Jovanna, this past weekend.  Yeah you wouldn't know I did anything by the meager 3 packages that went in the mail today.  Oh it is so disappointing to see I haven't made a big dent in my late  and almost late bee blocks.

But no more moping around!  What have I been doing?  It has been a lot. . .

I've finally completed all my September Bee Blocks (yes. . roll your eyes SEPTEMBER)

Sew Modern Quilt Bee

September - Sew Modern BeeI finished these two blocks for Rachel I adore Sherbet Pips!  I also loved how quickly this came together.  Her directions were so clear.  She assigned us specific blocks for her to complete a The Lemon Squares Quilt is seen at Fresh Lemons

September - Sew Modern Bee

Aren't these FUN! 

September - Orange you GladWell this month's blocks were a joy to work with!  Yummy Heirloom prints from Joel Dewberry.  I made a  bow tie block (plus two more bows) for Nydia Kehnle Photography.

September - Twice As NiceFUN!  auntem1 choose these rocking blocks.  Go check out the tutorial we used found here

I really like how I learned how to break up grey's.  I la-la-love greys but find it's so dark.  Well the light sashing helps! 

September - {Sew Bee It}Yeah I was late even in the bee that I'm hosting.  Bad Bee Mama! 

But life hits! 

I made these lovely beauties for Jenna who blogs over at Sew Happy Geek. 

She even posted a tutorial for these beauties! 

This is the first time I've sewn with black.  OMG it's awesome. 

I just learn so much from everyone!

September - Aqua & Orange BeeThis bee we made a Modern Mosaic block for domestiCass.  I seriously tried to channel any wonky I have in my body.  It's difficult!

But this is what I came up with. Oh the learning!  Look at some of these fabrics! I hang my head in shame as this is one of the blocks I mailed off today.  And I was the last person.

Red and Aqua

September - Red and Aqua BeeThis is my two gals a month bee.  I was lucky one of the Queen Bee's for the month of September.

The other bee-mate that we all got to sew for is Karen and she wanted a block o' pinwheels.

This block is 12.5" square.  16 - 3" finished pinwheels. 

I used SO much starch in these beauties they are like paper!  And I have to show off the back view of my block.  Look at how grand.  These puppies are FLAT!  I followed the most awesome Tutorial found over at Why Not Sew?'s blog.

September - Red and Aqua Bee

I'll dream of pinwheels for weeks to come.  All these little babies came from 2-3/8" HST's.  I needed TWO of these for each pinwheel creation.  It was Voila times 16.  :)  This was a lot of work but really fun. 


So I mailed the last of these off today.  And I completed a few October blocks but nothing that can wait for another post. 

Here's to getting more things done! 
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Sew Happy GeekI did a few of these things last weekend so I'm adding this to
Jenna's Manic Monday Linky
Megan's {Sew} Mondern Monday Linky

Go check out!


  1. Oh these are all fab! I particularly like that improv type one with the aqua and orange and the white sashing

  2. I love your X block with the thin white sashing! :)

  3. your blocks look wonderful! i feel you on the late blocks, i'm behind too. it's a busy time of year!

    i really love the grey cross block and your modern mosaic block. they both have that white sashing that really makes it POP!

  4. Your on a roll girlie! I've fallen for your pinwheel block head over heels! And typing this I've just remembered I need to go and count blocks for you! Super Sorry I forgot!!!!

  5. great blocks... lvoe your orange/aqua with the white sashing!

  6. Wowzers! These blocks are gorgeous!!!


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