Friday, October 21, 2011

What a WEEK or Pre-Sewing Rant

So you all have heard that Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy is coming out with a re-print.  Ahhhhh (this is like angels ahh-ing)  I'm staying tuned at at on Denyse Schmidt's facebook page and even at for them to email me when this is arriving.  Or the flickr groups found here, here, here, and here
This fabric should be out in February!  Oh how I pine to have more seeds like this gift from a fabulous bee-mate.

This re-print is something SO high on my holiday list I almost want to cry about it. This is what I'm asking my fam to give to me. . money or fabric in this line.  Sad it comes down to fabric! ♥


Oh and didn't you know, I stumbled across Kate Spain's blog.  OMG I just about fell out of my chair. . go look! Another awesome line coming out.  I've barely resisting Terrain.  Ahhhhh (this is a freaking out a bit ahh-ing)

And today it was confirmed my lovely, wonderful, precious Bernina 1008 is not perfect.

I received an awesome 4x5 block from Chelsea who blogs over at Pins and Bobbins
4 by 5 bee blocks
*photo from Chelsea's flickr page.

After awing at Chelsea's great blocks.. observe the stitch on the inside circle.  Do you see how wonderful that stitch is!  Yeah I spent hours this past weekend trying to get my machine to do this.  I have lots of cool or interesting stitches that I'm sure are great.  Can you tell I don't care as I am only interested in this one stitch. 

Yeeaaaah - I don't have a machine blanket stitch.  Confirmed by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew in a pre-interview for the Sewing Summit.  {Insert huge deflating sigh here}

Maybe my Mom will buy me a Bernia 550 QE for the fun of it!  Yeah or another machine I'm not sure what is best. If she had money falling from her pockets I would be so begging! Never mind I make more money that my mother - lalalalala not listening!

So, for all these reasons and many more, like having to WORK all week; I'm going to throw a mini-pout session for myself and order myself to sewing all weekend.  That should teach ME!  I need something to feel like my very plentiful glass is not draining out the bottom.  Some me time should help with this for sure.  *Sorry family you need to be on the back burner for a bit.* 

Oh gads I need to catch up on my many a bee I'm late in.  I sure feel like a white rabbit right now!  But some of my sewing should be shown soon.  Yipee!


  1. I will have Flea Market Fancy too.. just saying :)

  2. Hey! So I was just looking at berninas and pfaffs online, and that stupid blanket stitch is hard to find! Mine is (I think) the original patchwork edition bernina so all the stitches are geared to quilters. My dream machine I think is the pfaff megaquilter, or whatever it's called. The key on that one is they say it's fast! I kinda sew like I drive - pedal to the metal! I feel a little sorry for my poor bernina because I'm always impatient that she doesn't go fast enough!

  3. oh I'd almost forgotten about FMF coming out again, how did I manage that? I've always been jealous of Bernina owners but for once I'm glad of my janome as it does have the blanket stitch.It's my fav applique stitch, not that I'm rubbing it in at all ;)

  4. Lol, have fun with your sewing this weekend. I've ended up lowering myself to asking for a new iron for my birthday. Oh dear!

  5. Bee blocks, yep. You are getting behind!
    Ahhh, FMF!! I missed it the first time around, but I am saving up my pennies for February!

  6. Ha! All these fabric lines are torturing you!

  7. My Bernina has the blanket stitch, at least one of my Berninas does. I've even used it, although there are like a brazillion stitches that I have never used. I did some 'me' sewing this weekend too, if 'me' sewing is bee blocks and/or swap blocks. But it was fun.


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