Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sew Happy Geek - Wall Hanging Swap received

I sent off my wall hanging to Jenna last month - remember this post? My designs usually come out a lot larger than I anticipate; Jenna wrote her new wall hanging here.

I finished the last of my late blocks this past weekend. I mailed these off yesterday morning.
As a weird coincidence I got this in the mail yesterday afternoon.  How grand is that! It's like a huge gift for finishing my commitements!

Here is my new beautiful wall hanging!
{The photo isn't perfect but it's the best I can get on winter days}

SHG - Wall Hanging Received

I la la love it! Here is the center - eeep!

SHG - Wall Hanging Received Close-Up

The back you can see the quilting in detail.  I love the details this quilting adds.  And there is a lovely tag on it just for me!

SHG - Wall Hanging Received Back

And the binding.  Oh my the work that was involved in this. The handstitching the binding down is something to aspire to.

SHG - Wall Hanging Received Binding

I really adore my new wall hanging.  Now is the decision of where to hang it.  My fella being so kind is letting me decide.  I can hang it in the dining room, our bedroom, or I can be super selfish and hang it in my sewing room.  Oh the decisions!

Thank you Naomi!

Go check out the other awesome wall hangings by these talented ladies over at the flickr group.

{By the way, when you live in Walla Walla, Washington for 7 years it's really hard to spell wall without adding the extra "a"}


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