Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time during the holidays

I finally got some productive, non-sick, music blaring, sewing time in for Christmas.  And officially I'm caught up with all of my bee's.  I was super late for some reason - but that's behind me now!

On Christmas day I was able to sew sew sew.  Oh my, it was so lovely!

This is what I finished.

November - Twice as Nice

Our November Queen Bee asked for a square in square blocks.  She sent fabric that I don't have a lick of in my own stash.  These colors remind me of something my auntie would like.  After I got over the color pallet these were super fun.  I am not sure I want these colors in my house but I would sure love use these colors again to make something for someone else. 

November - Twice as Nice

I also had fabric from our December Queen Bee.  Thankfully there was only ONE bee that was sewing during this crazy month.  She asked for scrappy triangle block based off of this tutorial over at Film in the Fridge. I loved how QUICK these were to make.  Really it was a blink of an eye and these blocks were done.
December - Twice as Nice

November - Sew Modern Bee
The November Queen Bee send some awesome fabric and a pattern she was making up on her own.  The instructions were perfect.  I was struggling with these and used my seam ripper too many times.  I then realized that I should measure what I'm trying to sew together!  Ohhh these needed to be squared up!  That helped!  Sometimes I'm so slow!  But I did get them done.

November - Sew Modern Bee

Aqua & Orange

The lovely November Queen Bee pushing me beyond my limits again.  She sent one color per person and some foundational paper. 
November - Aqua and Orange

The tutorial our Queen Bee made was super easy to follow!

Aqua and Red

November - Aqua and Red

The November Queen Bee send along some string blocks to put together.  These were fun to make.  Oh the combinations these could be put together seems endless. 

The November Queen Bee gave us the freedom of any block we could think of.  This takes me so much time to think of what will be good with the fabrics sent. 

I finally decided on this spider legs block from HST (Half Square Triangles). 

November - {Sew Bee It}

This second block was just from the leftovers.  I have to say that both of these looked great together!  I always love Lindsey's fabric choices!

November - {Sew Bee It}

It feels grand to be caught up!  Love it!  I'm looking forward to finishing up my bee's in 2012.


  1. Oh, I bet it feels good to be all caught up! Good for you!

  2. Oh, you have been very busy! The blocks all look great, I am sure the ladies will be so happy to receive them.

  3. Holy blockfest Batman! These look fab though :o)

  4. So lovely! You do such amazing work. :) Gorgeous, gorgeous blocks!

  5. I love your blocks! They all turned out so beautifully. To sew on Christmas would have been a lovely gift :)

  6. holy mole frijole!!! That is a grand collection of blocks!!! beautiful!!

  7. Wow - you were busy - they are beautiful


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