Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beep Beep. . changes ahead

I usually take awhile to get into new projects.
I'm a planner, which is not always welcomed by my family.
I have not planned this quilting experience at ALL!

It's been a pleasant surprise all of the things I've gathered over the last two-ish years. 

I've learned, I can sew!
Okay I knew this before but the techniques I've pushed myself into!
Besides patterns, which I can follow if I can wrap my head around it is something that I've known I could do.  But here are the things that I didn't know I could do!
June - Threadheads

October - Aqua & Orange

October - {Sew Bee It}

Paper Piecing

Bee a {Modern} Swapper March block 2

Lone Starburst

The one thing that I know for sure - I love sewing with others!
This is super apparent because of the many an on-line bee I've joined. 

While I'm not stopping sewing - far from it! I will be finishing my commitments of swaps and bee's.  I'll join an occasional swap, but for the most part my sewing time will be committed to other things.

Keep an eye out on where I'm headed next!


  1. Congrats on discovering your inner sewing goddess!!

    You are so talented and it has been wonderful sewing with you :)

  2. Eeep! that little porcupine!
    It has been a true pleasure to be involved in several bees and swaps with you. Can't wait to see what is on your horizon!

    Sewing goddess, Love it.

  3. Bees are such a great way to stretch yourself, aren't they? These are all fab! Looking forward to seeing where you got next :o)


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