Monday, June 18, 2012

Who runs out of fabric?

I can not believe that I can actually run out of fabric!  

Seriously who runs out of Kona Ash?  That's right . . . this girl does.  Pfft.  Whatever!  I'll be needing to pinch my pennies so I can restock the basics apparently.  It's so hard as when I'm shopping I want so much more!

I am rocking and rolling on some super late bee blocks and about to finish them up.  .no light grey.  Here's one of the blocks that I can't finish.  

Bee a Lone Star(burst) - May '12
This is a pattern from this lovely lady!  This is super fun with all different kind of fabrics.

My paper piecing mode has started up again.  I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this for the rest of the month.  Maybe a New York Beauty for a wedding my fella is going to later this year.

Here is a block for a local gal in the New Bee on the Block group.
New Bee on the Block - June '12

Some of these are fabrics I contributed to a local swap.  I might have to break out these swap fabrics to make something myself! It's fun to have a block that I can bust out in 10 minutes!

I have to applaud these ladies in the "New Bee on the Block" on-line bee group, they have made it though an entire year. . they are AMAZING! Even with some MIA members.

 Well off I go to pout about running out of fabric.  I will see if the budget will allow me to re-up my missing stock.  Of course it's helpful to remember my small couch in my sewing room with all of my potential up for sale fabrics. I just need to take some time to take lovely photos of the fabrics and yarns!  I'll get these up soon.

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Hope you all have a lovely start to another week!


  1. Running out in the middle of a project just stinks! Some places have been sold out of Ash for awhile! That black and white fabric with the little aliens? Love that one!

  2. Well done on the blocks. I tend to run out of white or black most...


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