Monday, January 23, 2012

January Bee Blocks

Taking a break for the holidays and doing a little sewing for myself has done a world of difference.  I've just whipping out the bee blocks that I have arrive at my door.  

Here's a rundown of all the blocks that are out the door before of the end of the month deadline.

The lovely gockfrocks (blogs over here) sent us pre-cut japanese x and + scrappy blocks.

Threadheads - January  

This was so super easy I was shocked! I won't be mailing this off yet as I might have to throw in a few more just because.  She sent me three lovely blocks for my month of being queen bee a few months back.

Aqua and Red - January

fqnb (she blogs over here) asked for a lovely block, not only is this block wonderful but she had her fabrics pre-cut.  So simple. Some DS Quilts fabric might be included in this package back over the sea.

The second January Queen Bee [dreamfctry] (she blogs over here) let me make her a Swoon block.  I posted about that here.  Oh course I want to show it off again.

Red and Aqua - January

Ohhhh Swoon!
Aqua and Orange

betc1978  (blogs over at here) sent some lovely fabric.  She was looking for some blocks inspired by Denyse Schmidt's drunk love log cabin quilt. We used this tutorial.

Aqua & Orange - January

I constructed these at the same time.  And I didn't have enough to finish either but I'm sure Betsy will finish them up at home.
Aqua & Orange - January

Sew Modern Bee

Our January Queen Bee ask for HST blocks.  And I put my hand up to make two blocks.  Especially when the smaller HST's were already squared up.  Ohhhh Pretty!

Sew Modern Bee - January  

This larger HST was super easy compared to the above block. I'm enjoying HST's and how crisp they can be.

  Sew Modern Bee - January  

{HST Queen I'm telling ya!}

{Sew Bee It} - January {Sew Bee It} - January {Sew Bee It} - January

foxflower asked for presents.  She sent some lovely fabrics for her blocks.  We used this tutorial. I got to make these with with Jovanna on our sewing day.  Jovanna dealt with me bringing out my new old machine.  It was super fun to sew these blocks together, mix fabrics, and try out my new old machine. 

I was able to sew a spiderweb block for Vegetarian Hunter (she blogs over here). This block went a lot faster than my first attempt.

Orange you Glad - January

~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~

And since one of my bee's Twice as Nice has officially ended, I might have joined in a new bee/swap group called Bee a {Modern} Swapper.  It's a swap and a stash bee.  Oh gads it's something different for sure.

By the way, if you want to see me freak out just wait and see. . I have 3 bee's I'm Queen Bee and will be sending out fabric for in April.  I still have NO clue what I'm going to have everyone make me. The options are not endless anymore I'm kinda at a loss of what I want.


  1. Looking fab as ever. ROFL about the queen bee in April thing, were you nuts?! I think the bee that got you to make Swoon blocks might have been onto something... just sayin' ;o)

  2. The fabrics I ordered for my Swoon quilt arrived today! And I joined the Flickr group.thanks for telling me about it!

    Love all your blocks, but especially the HST ones and, of course, the Swoon block!

  3. Love all the bee blocks! I think I might have to join the swoon along, I love all the swoon blocks I keep seeing!!!

  4. OMG you just amaze me with your bee blocks! They look wonderful. I especially like your HST numbers and that string block at the bottom- great work Shanna!

  5. Wow, you go girl! Look at all those blocks and some of them not too easy!!! Is there a pattern online for the swoon block? it's very pretty. I also love the red and aqua pinwheel. I was going to ask you the sizes of her triangles...but you said she precut? Would she be able to tell you? I'd like to try that one...cause it looks simple. =)

    Great job!!!

  6. Seriously AMAZING!! They all look gorgeous!! I truly love them all (ok maybe especially the sew modern ones!!). Wish I was in a bee with you! :)

  7. Way to start the new year!!! Those blocks are incredible! I love, love the spiderweb one and the HSTs.... how did you do so many??

  8. Gosh, you have some beautiful blocks there! I'd have a hard time sending them away ;-). Thanks for sharing!

  9. Those are all so great! I'd have a hard time giving them away ;-). Thanks for sharing!

  10. How do you keep up with all your bees? I'm in 3 and I seriously can't keep on top of them! I love, love, love your x+ block. I think this needs to go on the list.

  11. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your HST block Shanna! BEAUTIFUL!


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