Friday, January 20, 2012

What do you do when your iced in?

In my little part of the world we have freezing rain not only closing school but preventing my family of three stuck in the house.  What would you do?  My fella and I are lucky enough that we could complete the most of our jobs from home.  And the 12-year old has been amazing! Fingers crossed the ice melts and we can prevent cabin fever.

With ice all around I'm still basking that I'm pod famous!  Yep I've been mentioned in a podcast a few times!  I am super lucky to tweet with some amazing gals! The usual line up recently have included Jenna – SewHappyGeekBonnie – Beeclef, Melissa - CraftyMamaD, and  Susan - HQSuz. Susan is super talented and had a podcast and she just celebrated her one-year anniversary of her podcast!  Look at her go!  Check out Susan’s blog and listen to her podcast over at – The History Quilter.

While dealing with the ice storm I've been able to SEW!  I finished up my first Swoon Block!  I'm so excited!  In my Aqua and Red Bee our January Queen Bee Bek indulged me and let me sew her a Swoon Block for her.  HST cower at my feet I tell you!  I need to master flying geese next!

So here's Bek's block with a comparison of a Japanese x & + tiny block next to it!  This is one big block.

Swoon size comparison with Japanese + & x block 

I believe I'm in ♥

So a random question to fellow starch lovers.  Have you used Sta-Flo?  I LOVE how easy and quickly any pieced block go together with starch but I may go broke if I continue to use Best Press.

I'll show you all my January Bee Blocks soon. . yep I'm officially done before the month is even over.  Now to get to the post office - that is after the ice melts.


  1. I bought the swoon pattern last weekend. I'm anxiously awaiting the fabric I ordered for my Swoon quilt. It has shipped! Your block is lovely!

  2. Loving your swoon block and that little x and +.
    I haven't used Sta Flo but I believe there is a DIY version of it on Pinterest... seems I pinned that once upon a time and I think it involved Febreeze too. Hmmm. I have yet to try it but I am curious as to what your readers say. I just use that Niagra spray starch.

  3. Holy cow, I'd never appreciated quite how big that swoon was until it was next to a little x and + block! Looks like it could eat it for breakfast ;o) Still, glad you had time to play :o)

  4. Yep... it's been crazy here! I've got a lot of sewing done too :-). Oh, and have spent a LOT of time on-line. I really need to get into podcasts one of these days too!

  5. It is massive!! Looks great, I love the red and white :)

  6. That swoon block really pops!!! Love it!

  7. Love your swoon block!! :) Lovin' the ice actually as I'm finally sitting down to sew!! I'm working on my blocks for exchange sorry to everyone for my tardiness! Have a wonderful day!! :)

  8. I'm using Easy On spray starch and it's been fine. I don't love the smell, but it was very affordable and does the trick.

  9. Your swoon block is so perfectly pieced it should be in a magazine. In fact, I love the whole compostion of this photo with the comparison to the + and x block. Nicely done, Shanna!

  10. We are very hot here in Brisbane Australia would you like me to send you some to melt the ice. Love the swoon block...I keep seeing them I will have to start making some soon.


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