Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spider legs

***Edited below***

There must have been a few of these that I blocks that I saw online. It got into my subconscious and I had to make it. I knew I could make it work for my 4x5 bee blocks.  A little bit of traditional but using my modern fabric {rarrr} I made 6 of these lovely things, as I actually made one for myself . 

4x5 2011 Q4

I am surprised how practice makes perfect.  I'm becoming an HST queen.  Okay I'm not perfect but the points are getting way better.

4x5 2011 Q4 
Handfulofboys wanted purple (magenta) and orange and background of medium grey.

4x5 2011 Q4 
cbmauro8 wanted tangerine, aqua, & grey

4x5 2011 Q4 
i like orange, too {she blogs over here} wanted orange, aqua/teal, lime-citron
4x5 2011 Q4 
HandmadeRetro {she blogs over here} wanted red with white background
I really like this one!
4x5 2011 Q4 
For Michelle from CityHouseStudio {she blogs over here} wanted tan/khaki, brown, rich red/wine
My fella really liked this one!

4x5 Modern Bee 2011 Q4

And this is what has become my block.  Not exactly the color pallet, of aqua, green, grey, but it's going to tie in very well with the other blocks that other's have make for me. 

I can't wait to show you all the blocks I've received from my two quarters of 4x5 beemates. 

And a huge shout out to the above ladies for being such a great hive to be caretaker for.


A huge shout out to Heather that blogs over at Crafting ... for pointing many of you here.

As for a tutorial -

I learned what this block is really called.  It's called a flyfoot block. 

You can find some paper pieced directions but you can also find some over here:

I didn't have a pattern . . and wasn't into paper piecing at that point in time.

Basically making 4 HST's of each color combo.  I used 4" blocks of the color + background as I want a little wiggle room for squaring up. Then I trimmed each HST block to 3.5" squares.  Then arranged at will.

Make sense?

I was way too lazy to make flying geese! But you could do that do.. oh the math hurts.

Jenna of Sew Happy Geek has done a similar tutorial, just change the layout and the colors during her last
quilt along.  The block that would be most helpful can be found here.

Hope that helps



  1. Those are so beautiful!! I love the design and the fabrics that you have chosen. What great work!

  2. They look awesome! Great job....and I'm not perfect with my points either. =) It is what it is. =)

  3. What a great block...perfect points :( mine are good luck not good sewing

  4. They look beautiful.I love the fabrics you`ve chosen .

  5. Oh they look fantastic! Also I was relieved there were no actual spiders in this post ;)

  6. Love these blocks, and yep, you are now the queen of the HST!

  7. I LOVE these blocks! So original. I've bookmarked it for future reference...

  8. Coming over from Heather's blog (above comment). She made some beautiful spider blocks after seeing yours. Love yours too. Going to bookmark this site. I know I will be making these soon. Thanks!!


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