Monday, April 2, 2012

Going Award Free with many thanks around

I've learned so much from my fellow quilt bloggers. Ya'll are a sweet bunch! Encouragement around every corner.

I've been given a few awards over the last few months.  Here they are!

The Versatile blogger award

I thank 
~ Chelsea who blogs over at Pins and Bobbins she gave me this award here
~JanetK who blogs over at Entropy Undone she gave me this award here

Go check them both out. . amazing gals!

Oh it doesn't stop there . . .

I also got a Liebster Award

Liebster what's that you ask . . . German for darling, beloved, or sweetheart.

I received this from Danny who blogs over at Mommy for Reals she gave me this award here.
Ella who blogs over at Throw a Wench in the Works she gave me this award here.

They are both sweethearts!


With these lovely awards that I've been sitting on for awhile and fretting over who to pick, what to say, and when to post. 

Well that's been a smidge too much stress! 

[Image from]

I've decided to make my blog an Award Free blog

The rules are just way too much for me to think about and I would rather be creating to blog about rather than worrying about if I'm doing things right with an award. This kinda falls into my personality!

There are many other efforts out there to spread the love of my wonderful followers, friends, and the other uber talented people out there. I put in a lot of time to track down links to other people's blogs and try to spread the love in my posts. I will totally continue to do that. 

Thanks for the ♥


  1. I've just done the same with mine, it was taking far too long to try and find blogs with less than 200 followers to pass on the Liebster award to. It's nice that people think about us but....I would rather be quilting!! Hugs

  2. I'm totally with you!! I've also received a few of these awards recently, and know from the past how much time they involve to respond. They remind me of chain letters, only with a good intention :-).

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've had 2 of these Liebster Awards sitting in my email and I just didn't know what to do. Do I follow what everyone else is doing and post about 5 blogs that I have no clue about and reward them or do I just ignore it for a while? I've been ignoring them until your post came out and now I know what I'm going to do. Thanks!

  4. oh I am SO with you on this!! (although you deserve 'em!)

  5. Well, I've been blogging for over a year now and haven't received any awards and I still have only 37 followers. Maybe it's because my blog sucks or maybe it's because I work full-time outside my home and don't post as often (who knows) I don't join a zillion parties (I've joined in parties about 5 times). I've visited some blogs that participate and share each posting with maybe 20 parties. I blog for the shear joy of it. I blog because I like to create, write, garden, take pictures and share my thougths about life. I blog to have connections with like-minded people. Heck, it would be a full-time job continually having projects to showcase, linking up to all the parties and then getting back to people. It seems that some people are only concerned with numbers. I found your blog while doing a search for award free blogs. I won't need to become award free because I don't get awards.

    I like your blog and I'm trying to find more time for sewing (just renovated an old Singer Feaatherweight) that I find at my mom's house after she passed away. Your blog is lovely so I'll stop blabbing and take a look around. Just wanted to add my 2cents worth about awards and blogging. Sometimes the blog world seems so competitive like people racking up gold stars for the best and most popular creation. How in the world would you pick? My personality likes to be inclusive and I would hate to single people out.


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