Monday, April 30, 2012

Quilt Sandwich and beyond

I adore the administrative assistants in my office.  They make the office world go round.  I unfortunately had to miss their lunch as I had to glue fabric together. Great excuse I realize - sigh.

I kicked it into high gear with a deadline looming. I only a few hours with my wonderful fella last Wednesday we spray based my auction quilt together.  This is seriously so much better with two people and I have to say that I LOVE 505 spray glue.
Auction quilt basted

Yet, I think I glued some nose hairs together.
 (NOTE TO SELF - get a mask for the next quilt sandwich project)

I tweeted a question to those listening at the moment about what thread people use for machine quilting.  I heard Aurifil, King Tut and some others from @caraquilts and @CraftyMamaD.

I have previously admitted to being a thread snob since switching to Aurifil for all of my piecing projects.  I mean seriously after a HUGE bobbin and cleaning out 10% of the lint accumulation I previously had - who wouldn't be a convert! Sadly I didn't have the color selection in my Aurifil collection so another thread was needed. I also have a limited selection to choose from in my local town and my LQS.

So, with my tweeps recommendations in hand I went to the LQS and walked out with a spool of Ebony King Tut and a marbled Sulky. Promptly put the King Tut in the bobbin and the Sulky on the top and viola machine quilting commenced! Seriously these are both awesome threads. 

Thanks ladies!  This community makes these projects so so much better!


  1. Looks great! I've never tried spray basting, but have used King Tut and Sulky. The Metler she has is good too!

  2. Lol, I have a mask just for my spray basting after a rather unfortunate spray glue incident once :oD


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