Friday, April 6, 2012

What'cha what'cha what'cha want?

Pincushion love you ask. . ooooohhhh okay!

Well I am part of a lovely group over at Bee a {Modern} Swapper
It's a bee AND a swap.

The beauty of this is that I can choose which swaps throughout this next year. 
This is a huge sigh of relief I can choose when to participate. I sometimes have more of my plate that I'm able to complete.

This wasn't the case for the pincushion swap, I signed up with glee! I've been wanting a pincushion for a long while.
I smartly went into my local pet store and asked for crushed walnut shells {I've been meaning to do this for 10 months}.  The workers looked at me all perplexed . . I then added that it's usually used for lizards or birds.  Oh then the lights went on. 

He had a chuckle as I obviously wasn't shopping for a pet.  I told him that I was making pincushions.

Crafters out there are all types apparently!

I made this Tula Pink overloaded pincushion for the beauty over at Handmade with Love

Bee a {Modern} Swapper - Pincushion

I loosely followed the tutorial found here. .  but I didn't read it very well and I so didn't read it all the way through so it's a wing it job!

Bee a {Modern} Swapper - Pincushion

Look at the turtle in the pincushion portion of this.  EEPP! 

I didn't think of a lot of other embellishments I could have added until I was done. . sigh.  Whateva!

I hope jmmaxman still adores this.


Now a swap I got something back.


I was SPOILED by my partner Nilya2011 from Germany.

I received TWO pincushions and some candy.  Oh the gummy bears were gone way too fast!

Bee a {Modern} Swapper PinnieS recieved

Two . . I mean what can be more perfect! 

I have one on my ironing board and the other on my sewing table.  They are both so fun to use and I use them a LOT!

I can not believe that I'm using pins - but at times it makes everything piece together so much smoother! 

What a great swap this was. . . thanks ladies ♥

 I'm sitting out the potholder swap that is currently going.  It's killing me but I am getting some family time and other sewing commitments out the door.  Yeah for self control!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Loving both of them, but I have a special soft spot for the Prince Charming one, I love that line!


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