Sunday, September 30, 2012

Behind the ball

So suddenly I'm just behind in ohhh - 


I might have a bit going is all.  

Quickly, this past weekend I took a "class" to certify I can use a long-arm quilting machine at a local quilt shop.  

All I can say is that I 

Love quilting
-ed it! 
{that is supposed to be "love" in the photo}

I also love that I'm almost done with this quilt!

My bestie, Jo took this "class" later in the day, she got less direction on the stitching and how the machine worked overall.  I tried to give her some of the tips I learned a few hours earlier.

Jovanna on the long arm

Overall Jo is soooo much better at machine quilting than I am. But I'm super happy to have a few quilting partners in crime!

I need more practice!  I'm already looking forward to next time. Whenever that will be.

On to the next things on my list! But it's nice to know that despite feeling overwhelmed,
it's all good!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do the Hustle

Okay. . since every time I see a blog post about Kelsey Sew's 100 day hustle the 1975 disco song pops in my head. So, why not join in! I'm a list maker anyways. . just ask my family!

So here we go!
Kelsey Sews

What will I be hustling and bustling to finish?

1. Knitted baby blanket for my friend -started must finish

2. Quilt-top for the same friends toddler - started must finish

Yes, more triangles...

3. Commission quilt - the fabric finally arrived 2 weeks ago, I washed this fabric just Saturday. . no really!

4. Postage Stamp quilt top I started WAY WAY back here

Fabrics for Postage Stamp QAL

I've blogged about this here, here, and here . . yep then it fell off the radar and stuffed into a bag hidden far far away..deep into the fabric hutch.  I know exactly where it is but it would be nice to have a quilt-top done

5. PJ pants for fella  (he's waited way too long for these).

6. Quilt top put together from Block Party beemates.  Most of their blocks are found here {couldn't figure a way to make a mosaic quickly}. I have 5-6 to make on my own to make this the size I want but ohhhh it's dreamy! And it's huge!

7. Oh and let's throw in the matching sock to a lone sock I whipped up ohh about 8 months ago. :)

Funny how I let projects linger for so long. 
I want to add more to this list but I'm going to keep it manageable! 

Here's to the disco hustle song!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wall hanging for a wedding gift

Part of the deal of my mini fabric obsession is that I get to make gifts for people.  
I find this to be a smashing deal, especially after a finish.

Earlier this month my fella went flying off to one of his best friends weddings.  
I sent him with this wall-hanging

Wedding ET Phone Home - front

This is from Lily's Quilts her stunning ET Phone Home tutorial.

I enlarged this pattern by who knows how much.
I want to work with bigger patterns at the moment.

Wedding ET Phone Home - front

Can you see the Pat Bravo, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Joel Dewberry, Denyse Schmidt, AND Tula Pink love all throughout this beauty!

Wedding ET Phone Home - back

I added hangers on each corner,
you know as it looks SO different any which way you hang it.

I added some hand-stitching details.   

Wedding ET Phone Home - hand binding

Oh and I even finished the binding by hand - ohhh ahhhhh!

So much love in this for the happy couple. ♥


I'm linking up this post to both these lovely ladies

Sew Happy Geek

Have a great week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh time I miss you

All is right in the world again. I have new boots.

No Sewing

So many new ideas and plans for yummy fabrics.

I've only been cleaning my house and partaking in the World famous Round-Up.

At least I have boots and new ones at that!

I'm so happy to have people come and enjoy my town. 
Yet, I must be a local now . . . I can't wait for these people to go back home!

Oh and and school starts Monday for my step-daughter. HELP!

I have so much to share with everyone!
Dear Time, please come back to me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hoopie Love - sent

I sew with an amazing group of ladies over with the Bee a {modern} swapper group.

There is a "bee" part to this group but there is also an open swapper
portion to this as well (open to all awesome swappers! The next swap is in October but you can sign -up now, or as soon as the bee mama's put up the thread.)

Although I shouldn't have I jumped in to the hoopie swap for August.  I couldn't help myself.

I made this beauty.
Finished Hoopie

As a teen I used to draw these flowers on everything.

Even the back is fun!  And doesn't even look like a mess!

Hoopie Back

I threw in this lanyard (and a few other things).  

Best lanyard yet . .

So this is what I sent out for my hoopie love -
I can't wait to share what I get in return.