Thursday, July 26, 2012

Busy Summer Times

Super sorry for being so mute.  I've been on twitter or even a few emails have been sent out.

Important items I've been doing is I was an adult volunteer for my step-daughter's Girl Scout troop's visit to the Newport, Oregon.

Girl Scout trip to Newport Oregon

We got to see the dock that washed up from Japan . . . big hunk of concrete!  Awesome.

2012-07-21 Dock from Japan in Newport, Oregon

We even met the Newport dog, Pepper, when we went out to eat clam chowder.  All the locals knew this dog. . hilarious!

Pepper the Newport dog

I've been seeing RED . . not in a good way.  I'm very angry at myself as I burnt my neck to a crisp.  I didn't realize that these girls could stay at the beach for SO LONG.  Lesson learned (or re-learned) - sunscreen with me all the time!

My family went to go pick 40+ lbs of blueberries at a local u-pick farm.  Oh so yummy!  We'll have berries for the year.
Blueberry picking

I'll be working my fingers to the bone the next few days as well as I'll be prepping for my class with TULA PINK.  Oh how exciting!  If all goes well I'll have a quilt top ready to show off by the end of the day.  And hanging out with Tula all day will be awesome! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Officially Orange Free

This is my busy summer life! 
Well the few weeks of it anyways.

Not a ton of stitching going on with family visits and a Girl Scout trip coming up 2 adult and 5 pre-teens.  I'm smiling a lot these days!

I do have a few bee's and many of them ending.  This wonky house block is the last block for the talented group of ladies in Orange you Glad.

Orange you Glad - July '12

I stitched this up for ladybug4785. A wonky Oregon cabin in the mountains - on the east side of the state with very few trees but lots of ground cover.  Not sure why they created an orange cabin in the middle of this country but it's cute, it has 'character'. 

I have to say that the clouds turned out pretty cool and I didn't even plan it that way.  I actually was very pleased with the top part of this as it's the first time I could execute this without lots of fabric waste (or bring out the seam ripper).

I'm hoping this may be my last house block for a long time. I'm not really a house block kinda person.  Le'sigh.


So this bee is DONE!

I'm sad to say goodbye to these ladies as they talk a LOT.  I like that.  I don't always join in but it's fun to catch up with their conversations every once and awhile.  While they aren't my group it still felt as if I was part of it.  Oh the joys of sewing with others.

I'm off to calm myself down before the Girl Scout trip. . .

Hope that everyone is doing well!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

When it's hot outside you can sew up a storm

Finishing up my Made in Cherry quilt top (go look - it's LOVELY) just was the start of what I accomplished this past weekend.  I can not believe what else I completed.  It was a flurry of sewing and crafting.


I finished up another quilt top .. I'll be showing that once I can get more photos!


I also busted out a bee block for the Block Party Bee.

Block Party Bee - July '12

This is the Connect the Dots block from the book - The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party. This was so quick and fun. I'm not sure about window applique.


I finished another bee block but I'm keeping that under wraps . . until I finish the second one (and I have the time to take a photo of it)


I busted out a few rows of my knitted blanket. I'll have to take a photo of this soon.


Next up I'll be working on a toddler quilt! I'm pretty sure I'll be using my Sew.Happy.Quilt QAL blocks. Or something else - too many design plans in my head!


Oh and I'll be making a quilt of funky clothing ~ Super exciting!

Phew that's a LOT! Even with just one picture I've been awesome - just trust me.

How about the garden that my fella has successfully keeping alive even with the heat of the summer here. 

2012 Garden

I ♥  that man!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Help me Chelsea!

pins & bobbins

I'm bad, no really I'm bad! 

Remember these fabrics?  Back here.

Yeah remember this QAL that I joined? 
pins & bobbins

I blogged about it here.

It wasn't until Chelsea opened this giveaway that I got this finished TODAY.

Made in Cherry QAL top DONE

I happily dug this out as I had everything cut out so I just had to stitched away.  I'm super impressed with my piecing skills!  I took the extra time to make sure each block was cut perfectly.  I took the time to iron each block this way or that (thanks mom) so I could nest each seam together.

This is the HUGE size.  I really felt like a kid sewing these blocks together. 

I am SUPER happy I ordered more of the background color. I made the 4 corner square pieces 5" bigger and there is a edge around the whole thing. 

But it's done. . yip yip!
Made in Cherry QAL top

These are the photos that I could get because we're having thunderstorms roll in you know after a day of 90 degree weather.  Ugh is all I can say.  I've been quiet content sitting inside sewing this top together. I'll get better photos once the weather is ready for me to take some photos. :)

I'm happy to see some of my favorite fabrics come together. Finishing quilt tops isn't that scary after all!  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Everyone needs an Emergency Ash Stash

Remember my complaining, astonishment, and disappointment when I ran out of Kona Ash

Well I got some awesome bee blocks from Mary and low and behold I now have an Emergency Ash Stash. And a rocking zipper bag to hold it.  Whoop!

Bag from Mary

Well it was holding the Emergency Ash Stash but now it's my everyday summer bag. Perfect in everyway - zipper pull, handle, quilting, and color. Oh and look it the perfect size to hold my wallet {I got from Jovanna for Christmas}, keys and phone.

My friends know me!
Bag from Mary and wallet from Jovanna

Go check out Mary's hilarious post with her and her hubby talking about crafting supplies.
As a note, my fella said he's never sounded "this bad". . . bahaha!

I love how some people are living similar lives across the country, even across the world.

Thank you Mary!!
I ♥ my zipper bag, goodies and the prized Emergency Ash Stash

Bag from Mary on Daisies

Gotta love a bag with Daisies. . okay maybe it's just me.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a bunch of scraps

Do ya'll do anything with your fabric scraps?  I usually keep larger scraps from my projects. There is never any real plans on what I'll do with them. 

A siggy block swap came about and thought this was a perfect opportunity to use up all these scraps.  Wow, I was right!

I made 57 (I think) of these beauties.

Siggy Block Swap

Once of the swap ladies mentioned a cleaver way to sign the blocks.  I've had a bugger of a time with my pen and fabric moving!  No more - get a piece of fine grit sandpaper and sign away!  I was so impressed that a little bit of stability made such a difference.  This is yet another tool in my "sewing" room.  Bahaha

I would think all these blocks would help clear out my scraps and it didn't make a dent. The scraps jars are still overflowing.

The next scrap busting exercise I completed was a few angel blocks for a gal in the awesome Bee a {modern} Swapper group.

She was missing a few postage stamp blocks, so why not!  I made these beauties!

Ba{m}S - May Angel Block 1

Bits and pieces of my sewing adventures over the last 2+ years. WOW!

Bee a {modern} Swapper - May Angel block 2

There are a few repeats in the blocks but not many.

I made these and then remembered I got some ROCKING pincushions from this lovely lady! So happy I could make something for her after her generosity.

While I've moved some scraps out of my sewing room. . I'm still making more! I can't wait to get my camera out to show you some of my new blocks.  Yipee!

What do you make with your scraps? 
Are you like me and think something will come up...eventually!

One day I would like to do make something like this...

although I'm in awe that I like anything with sealvages!