Monday, October 31, 2011

A few months back and a little this past weekend

I have a quilting day with a friend, Jovanna, this past weekend.  Yeah you wouldn't know I did anything by the meager 3 packages that went in the mail today.  Oh it is so disappointing to see I haven't made a big dent in my late  and almost late bee blocks.

But no more moping around!  What have I been doing?  It has been a lot. . .

I've finally completed all my September Bee Blocks (yes. . roll your eyes SEPTEMBER)

Sew Modern Quilt Bee

September - Sew Modern BeeI finished these two blocks for Rachel I adore Sherbet Pips!  I also loved how quickly this came together.  Her directions were so clear.  She assigned us specific blocks for her to complete a The Lemon Squares Quilt is seen at Fresh Lemons

September - Sew Modern Bee

Aren't these FUN! 

September - Orange you GladWell this month's blocks were a joy to work with!  Yummy Heirloom prints from Joel Dewberry.  I made a  bow tie block (plus two more bows) for Nydia Kehnle Photography.

September - Twice As NiceFUN!  auntem1 choose these rocking blocks.  Go check out the tutorial we used found here

I really like how I learned how to break up grey's.  I la-la-love greys but find it's so dark.  Well the light sashing helps! 

September - {Sew Bee It}Yeah I was late even in the bee that I'm hosting.  Bad Bee Mama! 

But life hits! 

I made these lovely beauties for Jenna who blogs over at Sew Happy Geek. 

She even posted a tutorial for these beauties! 

This is the first time I've sewn with black.  OMG it's awesome. 

I just learn so much from everyone!

September - Aqua & Orange BeeThis bee we made a Modern Mosaic block for domestiCass.  I seriously tried to channel any wonky I have in my body.  It's difficult!

But this is what I came up with. Oh the learning!  Look at some of these fabrics! I hang my head in shame as this is one of the blocks I mailed off today.  And I was the last person.

Red and Aqua

September - Red and Aqua BeeThis is my two gals a month bee.  I was lucky one of the Queen Bee's for the month of September.

The other bee-mate that we all got to sew for is Karen and she wanted a block o' pinwheels.

This block is 12.5" square.  16 - 3" finished pinwheels. 

I used SO much starch in these beauties they are like paper!  And I have to show off the back view of my block.  Look at how grand.  These puppies are FLAT!  I followed the most awesome Tutorial found over at Why Not Sew?'s blog.

September - Red and Aqua Bee

I'll dream of pinwheels for weeks to come.  All these little babies came from 2-3/8" HST's.  I needed TWO of these for each pinwheel creation.  It was Voila times 16.  :)  This was a lot of work but really fun. 


So I mailed the last of these off today.  And I completed a few October blocks but nothing that can wait for another post. 

Here's to getting more things done! 
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Sew Happy GeekI did a few of these things last weekend so I'm adding this to
Jenna's Manic Monday Linky
Megan's {Sew} Mondern Monday Linky

Go check out!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Able to sew again - finally

Well, I was going to complain about how late I was at the end of August. . and now it's October. 

Being kicked down by multiple colds just isn't right.  Thankfully the bee's that I'm in have very nice and forgiving women.  At least they aren't bashing me - yet.

What a lesson learned about wanting things done and done now.  Sometimes life happens.. and look it happened to me. 

So I'm finishing up October blocks.  A few that put me outside where I normally sew.

Bottom line is that I love sewing outside my comfort zone, I love sewing for others, and I wouldn't know what to do with myself without peeps.

So on with the show -  

 Katherine requested two blocks with the following criteria: circles, one vespa that she provided, and a letter "k" on each block.  She provided some awesome 30's reproduction fabric.

There are the two blocks I stitched it up.  Finally breaking out some rulers I've picked up along the way - circles!  Yeah!

August - Aqua & Orange Bee There are some fancy smancy stitches in there. . really. I was breaking out of my zone and learning some new stitches on my machine. I apparently need to move beyond white thread to have it show. All in good time. August - Aqua & Orange Bee

I like the K on this block because it's a free hand.  Ohhh pretty! And the first time this is washed it will have a few raw edge love- YUM!

Some of the other blocks are a-ma-zing! Go check out the flickr group. No seriously. . these ladies ROCK! 

You know the bee that I'm Bee Mama for.  {Insert eye roll here}  How could I be late for the bee that I'm hosting!  Sigh!

Well I got to sew for the wonderful Sarah.  She blogs over at Issabella the Cat.  This isn't the first time I've been late with Sarah's blocks - sigh.  I may be late but I adore Sarah!  I'm sure that if we met that everyone would be annoyed from us going on and on! 

I'm late on her blocks because I've wanted to make them perfect.  I first knocked this Girl's Favorite Block out of the park. . snazzy

August - {Sew Bee It}

But I also have leftover fabrics.  What in the heck was I going to do?  Not only couldn't I decide then the other bee-mates kept coming up with some ROCKING blocks.  So I got 'sewers block' on the next blocks.

August - {Sew Bee It}
This is what I finally decided on. ♥ 

August - {Sew Bee It}

And all three of them in one shot . . August - {Sew Bee It}

A wee bit back I found a post from Sarah over at Sew Sarah Sews for her heartfelt request for assistance to make a few quilts.  These are for a few girls that are in foster care.  I had so many lovely adults in my life and feel so sad for anyone who doesn't.  One of the blocks she requested was a garden fence block.  Well that was TOO easy.

Quilting for Kids

Here are the two blocks I made for her to incorporate into the other blocks. 

Finished my third round of meds. Feel human again - soon I'll post about my September and October bee blocks soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What a WEEK or Pre-Sewing Rant

So you all have heard that Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy is coming out with a re-print.  Ahhhhh (this is like angels ahh-ing)  I'm staying tuned at at on Denyse Schmidt's facebook page and even at for them to email me when this is arriving.  Or the flickr groups found here, here, here, and here
This fabric should be out in February!  Oh how I pine to have more seeds like this gift from a fabulous bee-mate.

This re-print is something SO high on my holiday list I almost want to cry about it. This is what I'm asking my fam to give to me. . money or fabric in this line.  Sad it comes down to fabric! ♥


Oh and didn't you know, I stumbled across Kate Spain's blog.  OMG I just about fell out of my chair. . go look! Another awesome line coming out.  I've barely resisting Terrain.  Ahhhhh (this is a freaking out a bit ahh-ing)

And today it was confirmed my lovely, wonderful, precious Bernina 1008 is not perfect.

I received an awesome 4x5 block from Chelsea who blogs over at Pins and Bobbins
4 by 5 bee blocks
*photo from Chelsea's flickr page.

After awing at Chelsea's great blocks.. observe the stitch on the inside circle.  Do you see how wonderful that stitch is!  Yeah I spent hours this past weekend trying to get my machine to do this.  I have lots of cool or interesting stitches that I'm sure are great.  Can you tell I don't care as I am only interested in this one stitch. 

Yeeaaaah - I don't have a machine blanket stitch.  Confirmed by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew in a pre-interview for the Sewing Summit.  {Insert huge deflating sigh here}

Maybe my Mom will buy me a Bernia 550 QE for the fun of it!  Yeah or another machine I'm not sure what is best. If she had money falling from her pockets I would be so begging! Never mind I make more money that my mother - lalalalala not listening!

So, for all these reasons and many more, like having to WORK all week; I'm going to throw a mini-pout session for myself and order myself to sewing all weekend.  That should teach ME!  I need something to feel like my very plentiful glass is not draining out the bottom.  Some me time should help with this for sure.  *Sorry family you need to be on the back burner for a bit.* 

Oh gads I need to catch up on my many a bee I'm late in.  I sure feel like a white rabbit right now!  But some of my sewing should be shown soon.  Yipee!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Remember when

Oh the memories. 

Okay not really it's just that I've been so out of it. 

I found that one of the charity blocks I made for Sew Fresh Fabrics waaaaaaay back in January, sent, received, and has been quilted up.  Ohh how wonderful are these!

Here's the finished "girl's" quilt with the one block I sent in. 

Someone gets to cuddle in this - made of all scraps.

Here's both of the two quilts made for Round 1 ready to be shipped. 

Well this charity bee with SFF just keep going.  Go check out the blog post on these two quilts.  And to keep tabs on future rounds just keep tabs on the blog in general.

Oh and there's a flickr group site too!  Whoop Whoop!

*Photos from Sew Fresh Fabics found on Flickr.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When yarn makes you cry revert to fabric

Oh dear dear dear.  I'm working on the most wonderful Knit Along hosted by Knit Purl Hunter seriously the videos ROCK!  I've learned how to start a shawl, how to make an increase left and right, and my new favorite technique a lifeline.  Really a line that helps out when you have many a stitch.  And when you mess up you don't have to rip the ENTIRE thing out.  Beauty!

A few things I've learned. . inserting the lifeline and using stitch markers you must use a needle and thread technique not the spare thread taped onto the needle. This is because the stitch markers won't move!  Ding, ding, ding.

Well here's my shawlette 3 rows shy of part 1.  Ohh pretty!

Oh, here's the missed stitch my cat found running across my work while whining to get out.  I'm not sure if I wanted to thank him or smack him up side the head.   Needless to say I was not happy at my yarn.  I pulled all of this out and now they are sitting ready to start again.  Sigh!

Okay so yarn frustrated me so I turned to fabric.  That's right pillowcase tutorial by Wonderfully Awkward. She threw up this awesome tute it seemed like a few hours after I asked. 

On many of my trips to Portland, Oregon, I purchased some fabric at Fabric Depot at their super outdoor sale.  $5.00/yard for super fabric . . yep totally up my alley.  This is Dolce by Tanya Whelan ~Grand Revival

I got enough fabric for 4 pillowcases. I only got around to finishing 2 today.

I've been letting this sit as I don't have awesome ribbon like Bonnie had in her tute. Instead I did a handy search for french seams.  I found this tute over at Two Peas in a Pod Designs which worked wonders in place of the ribbon part.  This as a flat seam and it rocks! You can have the double stitch on the inside or the out, yeah I have to think on that a bit more before it all makes sense.

It ended up to be a grand day, even with a restart.  :)

I'll be adding this to a finish as I actually got something done. WHOOP!

Go check out what everyone around the blog-verse with Megan over at Canoe Ridge or Jenna over at Sew Happy Geek
Sew Happy Geek
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Saturday, October 15, 2011

BW&G Swap

black and white button
When your sad, you might need a little more fabric. So, I'm gonna break into my black, white, and grey stash and share it with 26 other's. . . that's right for another SWAP!

I mean I've gone and completed a few locally why not complete {another} one with folks all across the states.

Another charm pack you ask .. well what I'll do with this one is Charm Squares Baby Quilt like this one. . lalala love it

I'll add a pop of color for the sashing and that will be that.

If you are also interested go check out the flickr site or Ella's blog over at Throw a Wench in the Works. The fabric will be sent out by Nov 15.  Yipee - Should be fun!

She's working out the kinks so this swap is domestic only.


Here's the "navy" for the local swap.
Margaritas on the Beach - fabric Swap  Ohhh ahhh I heart Kate Spain!

The rest of the colors will be of this color palette.

Oh how I LOVE colors.  I'll end up with a jelly roll of these beauties + navy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Deadline's rock

Yep - totally deadlines rock!  Homework rocks!  Having some accountability rocks!

I'm not really sure if I would accomplish as much as I do without deadlines.  So, yeah I've had a few monster colds the last few weeks.  I'm the good employee that goes HOME to get better.  The moment I do feel better I go back to work and BAM!  A bad employee is there to hit my weakened immune system with a cold - that just has to run it's course.  Grrrrrr {Insert expletives here}

My many bee-mates have been so forgiving for my lack of completed blocks for the ENTIRE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER {yeah I was yelling sorry}.  I seriously can't believe that I haven't had the energy or time to get to my sewing machine.  And each block needs attention so I just can't walk in and whip it out.  I could if I'm 100% but not when I'm running on 40%.

So while my bee-mates have been awesome there are some deadlines that you can't mess with.  One of those is for the 4x5 group.  The deadlines here are sticky!  You must get your blocks done or you are kicked out.  Well that's enough motivation for me to get my weakened state into the sewing room.  {do I sound poor-baby enough?}

Well the first hurdle is to figure out a block that will be worthy and awesome.  Oh and kinda fits the fav blocks of the ladies that I'm sewing with.  Weeks of pondering I finally came up with my own block design.

You wouldn't believe I was good at math watching me trying to calculate this, at least it all worked out in the end.  

Here are the 5 blocks that I made for the Sew Modern Bee - 2011 Quarter 3 - Beehive 3

4x5 Modern Bee 2011, Q3

I made this block for leedle deedle quilts who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3 Her color choices are orange, grey, sunny yellow
 I made this block for adnohr who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are apple green, iris/plum, aqua/turquoise blue

I made this block for Ninepatchcmd who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are gray, aqua, lime

I made this block i like orange too who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are orange, aqua/teal, lime/citron

I made this block for annietwinkletoes blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are aqua, gray, white

I have to say - these rock!  I can't wait to make one for myself! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Help I've been lured in by the pretty shiny needles

 I just sit here innocently enjoying the pretty colors of fabric that just keep showing up to my house. 

Oh yes. . then enter my tweeps Bonnie and Jenna.  Not only is dearest Bonnie a master at knitting almost anything {check out her flickr photos HERE} she went ahead and encouraged Jenna to start knitting {check out her kitting flickr photos HERE}.  Pfft.  I have no will power!  I started knitting again.

I have to imagine that my yarn stash is singing joyful tunes as it's been neglected for a solid year since fabric has taken the drivers seat.

So not only am I getting imported yarn from Jenna . . .

. . .  ohhh pretty yarn.  This isn't the only thing I'm getting .. lalalala. 

I've put myself in a few knit along's (KAL).  What??. . more??  Well maybe I have!  :) 

What makes you feel better when you're sick and can't sit and sew?  Knitting!  And since I've been sick with various interesting colds for WEEKS now- a few knitting projects have hit my needles. 

First off I'm in a winter long KAL hosted by Michelle over at Knit Purl Hunter the first lovely project is a Shawlette.  And the videos are awesome! I joined this to learn new stuff. . and boy howdy I have!  I'll show my progress once I actually get to the end of Part 1.

The second KAL is hosted by luvinthemommyhood it's a cowl . . you know the thing that I want to finish before winter ends!  So since I've learned deadlines are my friend - here I go!  I'll post photos once I can actually cast on this bloody cowl that I keep having twisted stitches.  I might go to my local knitting group and cry on a few shoulders.

I'll try to keep my Ravelry projects tracked.  Hopefully.

No knitting right now as I need to go pick up my father's banjo.  He found it at a yard sale years ago. He was a master yard sale-er.  My father actually loved to play but he always said it doesn't play right.  I'm never sure if it did or didn't.  I imagine he was just joking  and sounded wonderful.  So I'll be taking lessons this fall and make him proud. I so miss my Dad!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hopping fun


Yep that's what it's all about.  Not only on the web ♥ but also in 'real life'.

This past week and weekend I went on a super fun quilt shop hop.  'Hop the Blues Shop Hop'

It was hundreds of miles driving between the "local" quilt stores in
Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon.
Yep, I went to every shop.
I hope I win a prize!

For my driving I ended up with a free jelly roll.  Each store we hit, I got 4 strips of the batik's per store.  So to complete the entire jelly roll you needed to get to each store.  And each store had a sample of the entire set - which I now have.  So I'm not into batik's  at all.  There were a few examples in each store that could almost change my mind.

I learned that I have no clue how to roll a jelly roll. So it's bulky and fun in my storage area now.

There were the most awesome ladies in these shops! 
There were free things at many of the store
and there was a small discount for one item at each shop.

I might have walked away with this haul.  EEEP!

I now know a few more stops when I'm traveling to visit my mother in Idaho!

Here's my top shops in my area.

Stash in Walla Walla, Washington
Quilts Plus in Halfway, Oregon *seriously amazing store*
Sew in Vac in Walla Walla, Washington
Traditions Quilt Shop in Baker City, Oregon


Monday, October 3, 2011

Join in the fun

It's happening again. 

Interested in sewing for other's from your own stash?  The bonus is that you get blocks in return. 

4x5 modern Quilt Bee BadgeYou make up one block idea and sew that for 5 other lovely bee-mates. 

The best part. . it's a quarterly bee.  Don't bother with those pesky monthy deadlines. You get to choose what quarter you'll participate in.

Quarter 4 sign-up's happening right NOW.  If you sign up, and get through the interview process, the blocks are due January 15.  There are still spots open! 

Oh by the way - I'm a caretaker for this next Quarter. . whoop!

I'm not done with my current partners blocks but here's the block design I came up. And 2 of my 5 blocks I whipped right up. 

4x5 2011 Q3
4x5 2011 Q3

Is it bad that I'm in love ♥ with my own block design?

From Don't Call Me Betsy:
"To be a part of the bee, you must be an active Flickr user with a history of successful swaps as well evidence in your photostream of modern blocks made with modern fabrics.  The group will close at 96 members, who will be placed into 16 different small groups or beehives.  Each bee participant will be responsible for making 12.5" blocks from their stash for the five other members of their beehive, and in return will receive 5 modern blocks in the colors of their choosing.

Sound like something you're interested in?  Hop over to the Flickr group to learn more and request to join the group!"

Looks like sign-up's will close on October 7th.

Sew Happy Geek