Monday, January 27, 2014

Craftsy Review: Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought you can see the classes I've reviewed Craftsy Class Review.  

In this post, I'll review Pre-cut Piecing Made Simple
with Camille Roskelley that also blogs over at  Simplify

What I learned - I got to see some piecing techniques in action and I was pleasantly surprised some of the ways I piece were shown in this class. I also picked up some ways to cut yardage.  I saw how to use the lines on a cutting mat in action, which was great. I didn't learn any earth shattering items but just some awesome simple & peaceful approaches to quilt tops.

Teacher - Camille Roskelley is great.  Camille was comfortable and she was great being on camera showing off her techniques. She is knowledgeable with this topic. And she is entertaining to watch. I adore how calm Camille approaches quilting, which is how I get only when I'm sewing. :)  Maybe that's why I sew!

Class Content - This class includes four quilts. It's fun to watch Camille sew through these and just to listen to her talk through what goes through her head.  This is a super fun class to watch.  I don't get to go to many in person classes and this is a great substitute. The techniques Camille presents are clear and helpful.

And the patterns that she presents are ones that I would love to make.  Including a Swoon quilt!
Rating - Blah - So So - Like - Love this class.

I love this class. I didn't purchase this class for a long time but when I finally did, I  have enjoy it. The techniques are some that I already have in my toolbox.  

I would recommend this class to any level quilter.  

I bought this class while it was on sale and for that quality for the price I paid is great. I would buy this again, if on sale.

And I would buy it just for the Swoon pattern but you get a lot more. 

To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

As a reminder of the fine print: these are affiliate links but the opinions are all my own.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

January: A Lovely Year of Finishes - Finishes Party

Whoop whoop.  Its the end of January!

Melissa from Sew BitterSweet Designs and I are so excited to host another year of A Lovely Year of Finishes. 

And yet here we are and already a month down.  UGH

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I was so productive this month.

Packing for the weekend...Pfft why not take an hour our to make a @imaginegnats pattern.  Yep only an hour ... I love these patterns I took an hour and made this awesome pinafore from the awesome Imagine Gnats pattern (some of the best $ for a pattern I've ever spent} This is, ohhh, the 4th I've made!

Oh oh and look
Little apples quilt done and done. It's been instantly being claimed by a gf for her littlest one ♡♡♡♡♡
I finished a toddler quilt.

Oh wait you wanted to see about my ALYoF goal....

Quick star for my fella's brother and wife. Pattern from the uber talented @canoeridgecreations this seems to be my favorite as I've made it 3 times now

I'm still distracted from that.  But hey I have a little bit til the end of the month!!

But hey ~ you can go visit Melissa and see how she did!


We wanna know how YOU did.

So here's the deal:  To be entered into the prizes this month. You must have linked up earlier this month with your ONE item.

And this it the linky that we choose winner from.

Yes, this linky closes on the last day of the month.

Yes, we verify each entry.

And if you make it easy for us (link back to your goal setting post, photo, entry #) you make Meliissa and Shanna super happy as we can get the prizes out faster.

Add your blog post or flickr photo (with appropriate descriptions) to the linky party below.

Please grab a button {see stage left} or link back to Melissa and I so other people can join in the fun!

**Please note, the linky party is the same here and over at Melissa , so there is no need to enter twice **


What can you win?
Many thanks to our fantastic sponsors.

January Prizes Include:

1, 2. TWO winners each getting to choose one pdf pattern
from Sew BitterSweet Designs ($10 value)

3. Quilting Patterns designed by Quilting Lodge

4. Persimon Dreams - Project Quilting Mystery Bundle

5. Thread Prize from Aurifil

6. Green Fairy Quilts - 3 pdf patterns

7, 8. Honey, Bunny and Doll - 2 Patterns

Honey, Bunny, and Doll

9. Sew Sweetness - 1 pdf Pattern

Sew Sweetness

Happy end of January. . wait I have to go finish my goal!  :)

And remember this happens again next month,  and the month after that, and the month...yeah you get it.
If you didn't make it this month or if you're too busy it's all good.  Jump in anytime you want, need, or can.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Craftsy Review: Inset & Appliqué Circles by Machine

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought or have in my profile. You can see the summary of classes I've reviewed here, Craftsy Class Review.

In this post, I'll review Inset & Appliqué Circles by Machine
with Cheryl Arkison that blogs over at Dining Room Empire

What I learned - Circles, in many ways. This class gave me the visuals to see how to make circles can be done in many ways.  Throws in a wee bit of math and that was great.  I was happy to see the different ways that you can complete circles and kinda demystifies them.
Teacher - Cheryl Arkison is fun.  There were a few moment where I could tell she was nervous not not terribly.  Cheryl is engaging and knowledgeable with the use of circles.

I did love hearing Cheryl talk as she's from Canada. . ohhh I love you Canadians!
Class Content - this is for multiple ideas for using circles in your small sewing or quilting projects. Cheryl goes through multiple techniques.  This class is an okay addition to a quilters arsenal that wants to work with more than just straight line piecing. The techniques are presented in a clear way.

Rating - This is a  Blah - So So - Like - Love  class.

This is an overall so-so class for me.  I don't use a ton of circles or embellishments in my projects.  Like none.  I can make curves but rarely use straight up circles.  When I do choose to have some circles in my projects, I'm glad I have this class. 

I would recommend this class for any level quilter especially if you are a visual learner.

The quality for the price is okay. Funny enough, I would buy this again if I were having issues with sewing curves or had a specific project with circles or if it were on sale.  I bought it when it was on sale and I was sick and in bed.  I love watching others sew.  This was a great addition to my classrooms.  This class didn't spark any - ohhh I have to do that moments.  I imagine if I am ever of need to add circles to my quilts, I'll be happy I have this to refernce for the visual and teaching.

To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

As a reminder of the fine print: these are affiliate links but the opinions are all my own.

Friday, January 17, 2014

January - A Lovely Year of Finishes Participant Highlight - Katy at Lethargic Lass

Hello hello ALYoF peeps. 

If you were with Melissa and I last year we did a mid-month check-in.  These were fun, but some work for us that wasn't heavily linked-up. 
This year we're trying something new. 

Melissa is going to try to do a weekly check-in of her own goals on her blog. . whoohooo you go girl! I on the other hand would feel this is too much pressure! 
Both ways are great - hee hee.

For a middle of the month, we're going to highlight a person that participates in ALYoF so we can encourage everyone to visit one another.  You all are what makes this link up so exciting.

Okay our fantastic sponsors help a bunch too!

This will fall in the middle of the month so you don't forget us and the goal you chose during the beginning of the month.


This month we are going to highlight a long-time participant of A Lovely Year of Finishes

Katy from Lethargic Lass
Photos provided from - photo from Lethargic Lass - thanks for sharing

Blog name: LethargicLass
Name you’re known by throughout quilting world: LethargicLass (Katy)

What's your ALYoF goal this month? To finish my project for the Mosaic Tiles blog hop from the Modern Bee book

Mosaic Tiles Blog Hop Pillow - photo from Lethargic Lass

How do you approach your sewing goals? I try to make my goals do-able,and as well, I set little progress goals on more than one project at a time so I don’t get bored. One day I might chain-piece HSTs for one project and iron and trim something from another project.

How do you organize/prioritize your projects? I keep the pattern (whether printed or a book) with the fabrics and any templates either in a baggie, or a plastic storage tub depending on size. I keep any hand-sewing or embroidery projects at my computer desk, as well as small things to trim so I can do them while watching tv or checking emails.

What is your current favorite project that you are working on? Will you share pictures with us? My favourite project right now is my newest and most unplanned one. On the same day that a friend released a great tutorial, another friend announced a pregnancy… it had to be done! The tutorial I am using can be found here

Slice of Pie Block - photo from Lethargic Lass
Slice of Pie prep - photo from Lethargic Lass

What is your dream project to work on? I have almost all of Jen Kingwell’s patterns. Any one of them would be a dream really… I am just working on convincing myself I can do it :)

What is your favorite time of day to sew? Pretty much anytime other than late evening… I go to bed early, and if I am still sewing it tempts me to stay up, so I have to stop myself lol.

What is your favorite quilting/sewing accessory? Hard one… probably my Best Press and seam ripper… with those two I can fix almost anything!

What is your number one quilting/sewing goal for 2014? to actually make more quilts. I normally do so many swaps that I don’t get time to make quilts, and I want to return to more quilts, less smaller items.

What is one technique you really want to learn? I would like to learn FMQ… I figure with making more quilts this year that shouldn’t be a problem!


Thank you so much Katy for joining us today! We loved learning more about you!!!

Keep up the great work on your one goal for this month - you can do it! And so can everyone participating.  

The finishes link-up starts the last 7 days of the month and will end before the month clicks over.  So you'll need to finish and photograph your finish before next month.  

Hmmm maybe I should start. . . bahahaha.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Craftsy Review: Improvisational Piecing

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought or have in my profile. You can see the summary of classes I've reviewed here, Craftsy Class Review.

In this post, I'll review Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design 
with Jacquie Gering of Tallgrass Prairie Studio

What I learned - Everything for improv quilting.  Okay not everything in the whole world but wow this is a packed full class.  If you want to do a little improv...this is the class for you, just like the title implies.  I adore Jacquie and the way she presents information. I am a wee bit of a control freak and have a hard time just letting things flow.  This class is so helpful to ease me down the path of . . just let it go and feel it.  :)  It sounds hippy like. . but it's not. 

Teacher - Jacquie Gering is fantastic. I love the way she talks.  It feels as if she's talking JUST to me.  I adore it.  Jacquie is engaging super knowledgeable with this topic. And she is entertaining to watch. 

I'm kinda caught and I'll be sure to sign up for anything with Jacquie, if it's near me! 

Class Content - this is for multiple ideas for improvisational quilt tops.  Jacquie goes through multiple techniques.  These improvisational ideas can be used in all quilting, I think.  This is a PERFECT addition to any quilters arsenal. The techniques Jacquie presented are clear and helpful throughout quilting. I have the Quilting Modern book that Jacquie and Kate Petersen wrote but I am an audio and visual learner so this craftsy class is just up my alley. 

There are 9 lessons and it's just not enough (in a good way)!  I love the different ideas that Jacquie presents that are slowly being brought into my quilting.  Although I am still a precise HST kinda girl I'm now way more than able to try something new - even if it doesn't go anywhere.

RatingBlah - So So - Like - Love this class. 

I adore this class. Over the moon adore this class.  I would recommend this for any level quilter to find the ideas to play with different quilt ideas. The quality for the price is more than amazing, on sale or not. I would "buy" this again.

And in all reality, re-watch this class on a regular basis just to listen to Jacquie talk.  It's a great class to have on while I'm sewing.

To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

As a reminder of the fine print: these are affiliate links but the opinions are all my own.

Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 A Lovely Year of Finishes ~ Finale Winners

Well one last goodbye to 2013.

How about do that with some prizes!
A Lovely Year of Finishes
 Many thanks for all of you who have, did, will participate in A Lovely Year of Finishes that Melissa from Sew BitterSweet Design and I co-lead. 

Besides you many MANY thanks to our sponsors!  They make this all the better.


2013 finale winners

1. $35.00 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop

2. & 3. TWO winners each getting to choose one pdf pattern
from Sew BitterSweet Designs($10 value)

Mara - Secretly Stitching  
Jess - Quilty Habit

4. A Craftsy Class (winners choice of class)

I heart Craftsy!

Tubakk - Den Syende Himmel 

5. A Fat Quarter Bundle from Moda United Notions

6. A Paper Piecing Kit from Paper Pieces

7. Thread Color Chart and Thread Pack from Aurifil

Barbara - Cat Patches

8. Quilting Patterns designed by Quilting Lodge

Lyndsey - Sew Many Yarns

9. Gift Certificate from The Intrepid Thread

 Andrea - Flickr


Thanks for participating last year.

And the  January goal setting post is open til today Jan 10 (next month it reverts back to the 1st 7 days for the goal setting post).

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Finish Along Quarter 1 goals

What a great community we have. 

Did you see that Katy from The Littlest Thistle is hosting the 2014 Finish Along?

So along with the Lovely Year of Finishes linky that Melissa and I are hosting, I'm also going to participate in this 2014 FAL.

The Lovely Year of Finishes can be a great check in to click off the items I choose below
Bahahaha, I'll see.

Finish Along 2014

It's going to be a great way to hopefully get some of these WIP's out of the sewing room pile.

My genius idea to strategically place a neat box of quilt tops in the sewing room has gone very wrong. I wanted to look at them and be inspired to finish them. I can barely see them peeking out.  Any other suggestions?

Can you believe Katy suggested putting a bomb off in the room but can you imagine all the pretty fabric harmed. . . ohhh dear.

So here are my First Quarter Goals.  Don't laugh.

1. My Sew Sew Modern 4 swap tote. 

I couldn't resist #supertotebag @noodlehead531 actually reading the pattern before starting

Using my favorite pattern.

2. My wall hanging for my brother and sister in laws. 

Quick star for my fella's brother and wife. Pattern from the uber talented @canoeridgecreations this seems to be my favorite as I've made it 3 times now
 It's all basted and ready to rock and roll.  {cough}
Also my January ALYoF goal posted (with the link up forYOU here)

3. My Skedaddle quilt.  This is way farther along than this but have been asked not to post more.

Cut and ready for the @psiquilt class #skedaddlequilt

I already have the backing for this beauty.. whoop. I'll see if my plan for quilting this project will work.

4. My Modern Quilt Guild project. 

#mqgrileyblakechallenge  fabrics in the house. Can't wait to get started thanks @themqg

OMG the deadline for this is coming up and Melissa is way farther along on this than I am. SIGH.

5. Make this beauty into a wall hanging.  It's a tester but it's adorable.

Take a LOOK at these points. Dear bloc loc, I ♥ you!

It would be a great usable gift!

6. My Starburst along

Star Surround

This would need a backing. . I think.  Yeah it's in the above pile! I am not even sure about this one.

7. My Nordica Quilt. 
HST Nordika


8. My simply color hourglass quilt

Had to finish this quilt top to get it off my design wall. Ohhhh darn. It's been a fantastically quilty weekend. ♡♥♡♥

It's so pretty!

9. My 'All Framed Up' from the awesome Melissa over at Sew BitterSweet Designs pattern.

Pattern testing done! Why yes I finished a quilt top in a night ♥♡♥♡

A few hours and this one would be DONE.

10. My commission quilt from a high school friend.  

March ALYoF finish

 This is so lovely and so ready to be out of my house.
I'm thinking long arm this baby!

11. My Sew Happy Geek QAL

Sew Happy Quilt QAL progress - December 2012

This is yet another awesome beauty that is sitting in my pile. 

12.  Oh quilting my mom's quilt!!

IG friends + flickr friends + straight needle plate + embroidery needle = happy FMQ . I'll eventually get my mom's quilt quilted

This is great practice and now I have thread again.  I can get to this.

And because of Ella and her post.  I'm gonna throw in a kitting project!  OMG I'm sending off yarn to my sister so I don't feel bad.

13. Knitted baby blanket for a now 1+ year old . 
FiberofAllSorts Knitting 2



How am I ever going to get through any of these without goals?  Oh wait...that is what this post is for! I have a LIST.  :)

This isn't even touching my bee quilts.  That will be for another quarter! 

Oh and I'm going to start de-stashing - yarn and fabric! I've started on Instagram!!!

Whoop.  Yeah for goals!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Winners ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes

We love winners!  I know that I feel like a winner with all of you lovely people inspiring me. 

We had a great turn out even being the holiday and all.

Let's to to who won our 2013 December prizes from our fantastic sponsors!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

December Prizes Include:

1, 2,3, & 4.
3 Thread Packs and one special thread pack from Aurifil Threads

Kell from flickr
Heidi from On the Banks off Frog Creek
Ella from Throw a Wench in the Works
Amy from Cloud Cou Cou Crafts

5. Choice of $15 or 2 charm packs from Stitch n’ Giggles

Mariana from Coser Tejer Crear

6. A Paper Piecing Kit from Paper Pieces

Allison from flickr

7. A Fat Quarter Bundle from Moda United Notions

Sharon from Forget Me Not Stitches
8,9. TWO winners each getting to choose one pdf pattern
from Sew BitterSweet Designs
($10 value)

Rachell from Claddaghs Quilts & Stars

Karen from Capitola Quilter

10. Quilting Patterns designed by Quilting Lodge

Patty from A Stitch in Time


Going on NOW!!

January 1-7 {the last day is TODAY} Melissa and I will be holding the 2013 year in review party with additional prizes.  For those that finished 6 or more months worth of your goals. Link up your 6 or more Lovely Year of Finishes projects HERE.

Also you can also set your 2014 December goal.  This is open for a few more days as we know it's crazy the first month.  But this will resume it's regular scheduled 7-day open period for the remaining months.  You can find your January link up here.

It's a whole new year of lovely finishes.