Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pardon me while I do a jig

LQS FMF findWhy yes, I do have a spring in my step today.  Oh that's right I got me some Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy also known as FMF!

Everyone (tweeps, co-workers, and my family) have been hearing about FMF.  How I SO need this fabric line. Oh yes, I even blogged about it back here.

I finally calmed down a bit when Julie over at The Intrepid Thread took a pre-order. Julie has the best service I've found on-line!

Oh you wanted to see?  Ohhhh Okay! 

Last week LQS just got some FMF in.  I was standing there begging them to inventory the gray seeds while I was standing there!  I held back and only bought a little and I'm sure I'll go back for more!

This was me holding back because I have a yard bundle {plus some} AT MY DOOR STEP TODAY!
Flea Market Fancy - mine all mine

I'm not the only one out there drooling over FMF there is a whole flickr group that is going gag gag over this original and reprint! Oh how I love the quilting network I've tapped into.  ♥

I'll be adding a little of my new pretties out with my 33 bee packages I'm sending out this next week.  {crazy}

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Bee Blocks . . Part 1

March has started as such a funny month really cold and lovely spring weather with in the same week.

For me throw in traveling, for work, and the daylight savings time change and you have a frazzled woman.

  I'm pretty sure it's calming down as I had a moment of sewing frenzy.  Oh the sewing machine was a going. 

Here's a few photos of what I've gotten accomplished.

This Bee is officially over now.  I'm amazed at how quickly an entire year can fly by. 
Here are my two "tree" blocks. 

Threadheads - Feb '12 Block 2

These came out just as I planned.  Funky to say the least.

Threadheads - Feb '12 Block 2

Two lovely queen-bee's asked for some awesome blocks.

OneyGirl , she blogs over at Leona's Quilting Adventure, asked for a lovely Reverse Rainbow Starburst block, the tutorial found over here at Diary of a Flutter.Kat
Aqua and Red - March '12

And littlemamaD, she blogs over at Little Ms. Sew-Unsew 
*** Go check her out if you are a Dr. Who FAN***

She asked for a spiderweb block and had the center pre-glued.  The tutorial that we used can be found here.

Aqua and Red - March '12

Our lovely queen bee in this group, tracey pnw, asked for Converging Corner a new tutorial from Film in the Fridge.
Aqua and Orange - March '12 Aqua Block

These are so awesome. 

Aqua and Orange - March '12 Orange Block

Plan on seeing more of these as I'm gonna have some bee-mates make these for ME.

Orange you Glad

The Hive B Queen Bee, MargaretW319, she blogs over at A day in the World Around Me.

She sent some lovely batik's that I couldn't capture well with my camera.  This is what she requested. 
A tutorial can be found on her blog here.
Orange you Glad - March '12

So Sarah Sews is hosting another quilting for kids quilt. 
Here are the two asterisk blocks I signed up for.   
Quilting for Kids - '12 Block 2 

I had to "put a bird on it" with the designated color choices. 

Quilting for Kids - '12 Block 1 

Meh - they aren't perfect but I leaned a ton with them.  I hope the recipient loves it.


There are a few more bee blocks I haven't had time to get to . .but I shall.

Hope everyone is grand!