Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My ALYoF July finish

I finished up my very own mini quilt in the flurry of sewing I did this past weekend. Here is my beauty!

SP Mini

I decided to try out a ton of different free motion quilting ideas on each block.

SP Bk 1

I think most of it turned into thread play.
Oh look a bird.
And a flower!

SP Bk 2

I'm soooo happy!

SP Bk 3

 And something about the crazy combination makes me smile.

SP Bk 4

Even the back makes me happy!

SP Back

This is called 'Radioactive Love' . . all mine!
It's hanging above the light switch in the bedroom.  I'm just so thrilled with everything about this!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Radioactive Love
Size: approx. 20" x 20"
Fabrics:  Stash fabrics
Pattern:  Inspired by Steam Punk Pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : June 2013
Completed: July 2013 

Did you finish up your 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' July project? 
You have until tonight to link up for this month prizes.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ohhh that's what sewing looks like

What a weekend.
Oh baby what a weekend!

I finished my #ALYoF mini quilt {I'll show that off the next few days}

Binding binding binding #ALYoF

On Sunday, I was sure that I was sick!  Since I decided to press and cut out a Nordika quilt.  I'm still in shock since I've only had this fabric in my house since last Thursday.  I got this from the fantastic Julie at The Intrepid Thread.

Since it's Jeni Baker's fabric, I've chosen to make up a larger version of her tutorials


So I made this block {my favorite so far}

Oh my I'm in love with this line.  Thank you @jenib320  for a fantastic line and great tutorial

And this

I can't stop #nordika

And this one

3 in a day. I suppose I need to clear my design wall to adorn these beauties on it. #nordika

Look at these beauties!  I'm in love! I had to stop! Although you can see one more block is nearly ready to sew up.

I would rather spend my Monday working on these.  I guess I better go make some bacon instead.

I was "forced" into finish up this hourglass quilt-top to get it off my design wall! {You can see it peaking out behind the first two photos above.}

Had to finish this quilt top to get it off my design wall. Ohhhh darn. It's been a fantastically quilty weekend. ♡♥♡♥

Since this is made from 2 charm pack's I got before yardage was available, I'll be looking for some great simply color yardage for the backing of this beauty.  But for now it goes into my ever growing WIP pile. 

Now it's Monday - sigh. 

If you finished your 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' July project, you have until Wednesday to link-up here.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July: A Lovely Year of Finishes ~ Finishes Party

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Today you can find me rambling {being a guest blogger}over at Clover & Violet for the fantastic

I'll share my July finish {when I finish it up} in a few days. 
Make sure to go visit Melissa over at Sew BitterSweet Designs and show her some love too. 

But I would love to see if you all have completed your July projects.
{Darn you super fast organized finishers - hee hee}

Please link up that  one item you choose to finish this month.

To be eligible to win a July prize you
1. were required to enter you your project {on this post} the first 7-days of the month
2. enter in the linky below, the last 7-days of the month.

To make it easy on us {and in turn you}~ you should link back to your goal setting post/photo.
We have had a few people miss out on prizes as we couldn't verify if they entered in the beginning post.
Add your blog post or flickr photo (with appropriate descriptions) to the linky party below. 

Please grab a button or link back to Melissa and I so other people can join in the fun!

**Please note, the linky party is the same here and over at Melissa, so there is no need to enter twice **

For those unsure of how to link up go check out our Q&A Page for A Lovely Year of Finishes - there are instructions on how to link up from a blog and from Flickr.

Grab a button!  Spread the LOVE

A Lovely Year of Finishes
<a href="" title="A Lovely Year of Finishes"> <img src="" width="180" height="180" alt="A Lovely Year of Finishes" style="border:none;" /></a>

Here is a reminder of what our fantastic sponsors are offering:

July Prizes Include:

 1. A Fat Quarter Bundle from Moda United Notions

I've picked this bundle of batiks

Moda Batiks

2. Choice of $15 or 2 charm packs from Stitch n’ Giggles

3. Paper Pieces prize donated from Paper Pieces

4,5,6,7. A thread pack from Aurifil

# 4 - Thread collection with 40wt Pat Sloan's pick
#5,6,&7 - Random thread pack

Aurifil PS

8. $20.00 Gift Certificate from the Quilting Lodge

Thanks for joining in!
Oh and come back to see my finish in a few days

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Star Surround QAL - Cutting

Sew Happy Quilt QAL progress - December 2012Have you seen what Melissa from Happy Quilting is up to?  Seriously how can I resist with these fantastic instructions. . and {cough} prizes. 

I zipped up this Starburst in an evening way last November/December. Wow this tutorial is fantastic.  I seriously can't believe this was over 6 months ago.

But now Melissa is sharing her Star Surround as a Quilt Along.

So I've chosen to create a 3x3 block layout. The blocks will be 24" x 24" and end up with a lap size 72" x72" picnic size quilt.
Scrappy of course!

This week's assignment is to cut the lovely pile of fabric I've chosen.

I picked-up some osnaburg fabric to try out.  I found this nifty fabric from the craftsy class Online Quilting Class: Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design with Jacquie Gering {This is an affiliated link}. What a fantastic CLASS!  I can watch her for hours - wait I have.

I patiently took the time to iron and starch all these beauties. 
And in one night - ZIP.

All of these are cut. 

It doesn't look like a large pile . . but it IS.
I now have to wait for the next installment next Monday.
Super excited!

Check out what others are cutting into.

Here it is. . super excited to get this sewn up!  Eeep!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Are you a crazy & twisted quilter?

Do you want to quilt with others?
Do you want to share your time and fabrics?
Opps . . there is the cost of postage in here too.  

Here’s the vision:

6 people (or multiples of 6) ,
12 months (maybe 14 with holiday breaks),
Working on a crazy quilt as you go quilt that would end up with a completed quilt top by the end of this project.

What will we be making?

How about a quilt as you go, round robin-ish, embellished quilt!

Quilt as you go.
You know where it's stitched to the batting.
Examples of this is found at Maureen Cracknell Handmade, Stitched in Color, fantastic ideas at Sew Can She crazy quilt block along, or there is even a Tara Rebman- Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags {affiliated link}

What do we mean by embellished?
You can request hand embroidery, machine embroidery (if participants have that capability), added ribbons, laces, etc.  When we start the flickr group. . . we’ll be requesting a list of tutorials.

And a round robin?
This is an -ish as it can be in "rounds" or it can be in areas.

You'll end up with something like these lovely beauties I found on flickr.


There are rules 
of course.

The first rule of crazy & twisted quilters is  to communicate.

Yeah I'm big on this one. Just keep everyone posted and we can keep everything move smoother. If you are having issues with timing or money just say so and we'll all figure it out. :) We can’t help or sympathize if you don’t talk to us.  You have to keep the leader informed!  If you don’t talk then it just feels as if you’re snubbing the group.

This will be mainly run through flickr.  
The photos will be seen to everyone but the discussions will be private.
You’ll be required to have an account and to check this often.  

You'll need to put all vital information in your thread: Size request, colors request, background fabric request, guidelines you're supplying.

Use only cotton quilt shop quality fabrics.

Please take lots of photos and comment on other's photos.

Keep it nice, positive and fun.
Mis-communication can happen quickly with words. We can't see body language when we say these things.  If you have an issue please contact one of the leaders and ask them for some help. Since they are the ones that can also delete comments if they are off the mark.

How do I get started?

Soooooo, Melissa from Sew Bittersweet Designs and I are teaming up again. Whoop! This was a mixture of both of our ideas. I just have to say that Melissa is a rockstar!

Melissa and I have both run flickr groups over the last two + years.  We've run into some people that do not have the same vision. And we've had some drop-outs, people who don't communicate, and at times people who have kept fabric without a peep. And with any group - it's interesting to find the right group dynamic.  

So first there is an application process.  This process is to gather same minded people together for a project such as this.

We do request that you have experience in quilting but also on-line swaps, bee's, groups.

If this is you. . please fill out this form   

*If you want to edit your changes later. . you must save the website that is provided after the form is submitted.  Don't share that as anyone that has it. . will edit your responses.*

Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and I will review these. 

The initial deadline for invites will be closed July 28 (1 week)

When we've seen the interest and trying to match like people together we'll email you to tell you if you've been accepted. . there will be instructions of what you’ll need to do to prepare your crazy & twisted quilt foundation.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fighting cancer - with sewing

I've only just heard that sewing is therapy. . and it's so true.

I really do love sewing, quilting, crafting.

Having a community is so healing.

I not only have my online community (I love you people)
I also have real life friends in my community.

My non-quilting/sewing friends always throw at me some interesting challenges.

Cancer sucks - sewing edition

One of which is a local friend that her boyfriend has cancer.
He's fantastic and rallying like a rock star!

She asked me to alter some undergarments.
Well learning abound!
Alterations complete ~ wash away foundation paper to be able to make buttonholes in knit
I had to figure out how to sew buttonholes in knit fabric. . wow!

Now instead of fighting to put these on, one side will be open.  And closed with a soft cloth.

It was simple enough with my fancy Pfaff performance 2058 that makes a one step buttonhole.  You just get the feet, position and push go.  Once I figured it all out it was seriously too easy.

I used the wash away foundation paper which totally works like a charm.
It's fun to make a mess even as an adult
Although there is a bit of a mess afterwards.  
It's all for a good cause.

Gotta love making a mess as an adult.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Speakers turned to 11

This past year I've been working with 5 super awesome quilters in a
low stress 'Strip Quilters' group.  

I've been lacking in sharing this progress as you know. . I would rather be sewing than blogging.

For my @centrej now to make a 7 or 8 more.Finally getting to my stripper row...lovely

Here's a few instagram photos of the projects over the last few months.
Mary's stripper blocks done. Anyone else see what I've tried to accomplish here?

There is an issues. . this group is nearing the end.

I'm not wanting to jump in the deep end of the on-line bee group {again} those costs were getting a wee bit overwhelming.

But I'm looking for a new adventure to keep my inspiration going.

You know there is a craftsy summer sale going on now! 

~You can follow me on Craftsy {affiliate link} under FiberofAllSorts


I've been learning from Online Quilting Class
{affiliate link}

Even the cat is getting into the @becraftsy  class from @sfielke  <3. Yes it's the curved lesson.

Even the cat has been enjoying this!

But what to do next? 
Do you want to join me?

What kind of projects would you want to participate in?
Remember it should be

1. FUN
2. Low cost -fabric cost requirements aka sewing from your stash
3. With fantastic reliable people
4. not too easy

You may notice that I don't mind being a leader.
I'll set up an application process.
I'll set up a flickr group.

But what to do!?!?

Let me know if you want to join in and the ideas.
You can also find me at many of social venues {see stage left}

Drop me a comment and I would love to hear your ideas. 
Leave your email if you aren't part of the google world.

*This post contains affiliate links

Monday, July 15, 2013

July: A Lovely Year of Finishes ~ Mid-month link-up

Hello middle of July.

It feels like summer has arrived.

Traveling for family - I finally got to see one of the falls
in the Silver Falls Oregon State Park.
A photo from behind a waterfall at Silver Falls Park in Oregon. Sooo lovely. But so glad to be home after a whirlwind trip across the state and back.

Oh oh and I did go to a summer sale {still going on} at my new favorite LQS & on-line store, The Material Girl.

I went with a local quilter, Solar Threads
I forget how fun it is to go shopping with other people. 
And while we don't love the same lines we still love the same craft.

Aaaand I learned how to put buttonholes in knit
{I'll do a post about this later}.

All this going on, I have not touched my July 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' goal. 

A Lovely Year of Finishes

It's all good.  This is a great reminder.

How are you doing with you're goals?  Is this a good reminder for you too?

This mid-month linky will be open for 7 days.

Melissa and I would love to see how you're all doing.
And this is an optional linky just a fun encouragement along the way!

Melissa & I share the same linky, as she's awesome & shares with me.

And remember to visit some of these lovely people and grab a button for your blog posts {see stage left}

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors this month!
 Moda United Notions
 Stitch n’ Giggles
 Paper Pieces
Quilting Lodge

See you on the 24th for the final {mandatory} link-up.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

June Winners ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes

Did you see the fantastic finishes from June?  Seriously some fantastic items.
Go check out our flickr group with so many grand progress photos.

A Lovely Year of Finishes that is co-hosted by Melissa and Me.  Click on our pages to get more information.

Lovely Year of Finishes

There is still time to set-up a plan for July.
This month's goal setting link-in is open until the 7th found here.

All 75 finishes are winners and then just a few were chosen by Mr. Random to win some fantastic prizes from our amazing sponsors.

June winners are as follows:

 1. Choice of $15 or 2 charm packs from Stitch n’ Giggles

The winner is Mara from Greco Mara

2. Loving Pieces donated from Paper Pieces

The winner is Katy from The Littlest Thistle


3. $20.00 Gift Certificate from the Quilting Lodge

The winner is Susan from DesertSky Quilting


4. A Fat Quarter Bundle from Moda United Notions

The winner is Mary from Lilian Stitches


5. $15.00 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop

The winner is Alli from from B.Yazoo


6. $25.00 Gift Certificate to Superior Threads

The winner is Ellie Q from Color my World


Congratulations to the winners.
Of course we all winners if we've finished our goals.

And remember there is a wee giveaway sponsored by Melissa and me.
We're trying to celebrate and jump start #ALYoF and it happens it closes the same time as this month's goal setting party. . it was set up this way!  Sneaky aren't we.