Sunday, October 31, 2010

Starting thoughts

I'm quilting and crafting in memory of both my grandmothers. My father's mother was a knitter and crocheter. My mother's mother was a craft-a-holic. She made just about everything from quilts, sweaters, dolls and bears with clothes. I couldn't keep up with these women.

My father was a craft genius in a different fashion. He was a yard sale fanatic. He could find the darnedest things and then turn it around for a pretty penny. I'm not sure how he had the patience. He also refinished furniture and crafted some of his own. I wish he were still here.

Memories of my mother making my sister and I clothing for our dolls and barbies. Not only those items but matching outfits for us. She was so wonderful to make us anything that we wanted. Her fabric supply overshadows mine by leaps and bounds.

To be different from my family, which I learned was not so new, was jewelry. While I still have these items they are not my current thrill.

I then went to yarn. Without much help I'm a yarn-snob. I've made yarn quilts or yarn creations in the past and really enjoyed giving these away. Since I've been under a wee bit of stress I overworked my arms and unable to knit or crochet my stress away. Even with exercises the muscles are overworked.

A different fiber--quilting--has been thrown into the mix.The variety of movements I hope to keep my arms in full swing for years to come.

What I'm going to try to do is show some of the skills my family has passed down to me.

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