Sunday, November 21, 2010

I hate ruffles - a nightgown

I bought fabric for a nightgown for my dearest step-ish daughter.  She picked the colors herself. While I was cutting this out there were pieces strewn everywhere.  It reminded me of  my childhood.  After a half-day of cutting this out, I realized why my mother had me cut out the MANY clothes she made my sister and I.  My back hurt for days after.

During the construction of this I took so many trips to the local fabric store - I'm shocked. I realizing how much my mother has and how much I'm lacking. I totally appreciate how much even the small things cost now.

The ruffles at first were cute and fun.  As it progressed I wanted to scream with the amount of ruffles this nightgown has.  I'm disappointed this is only worn to sleep.

When it was all done she tried it on. . and the bodice was way too big.  Ugh!  When I had the pattern and measured her (twice) it looked like it would be perfect.  I even had her try the bodice on without the skirt it still seemed like it was just right.  Alas when it was done, I had to put darts in the back. The reality is that she has a gown that she'll be able to wear for years to come.

The finished gown


  1. Little girls like RUFFLES even if the sewer doesn't. Mine 2 girls remember all the dresses with ruffles from their childhood.

    I like the spots.


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