Thursday, April 21, 2011

You bought what. . .

These are the words I hear from my wonderful fella when I bought myself another sewing machine a few weekends ago.  Of course he kinda knew I was going to do that anyways.  And it doesn't really matter because we keep separate accounts - a total relationship saver! This beauty is my first find from Craigslist.

I got this for a few reasons.

- I have an 11-year old step daughter who wants to sew.  My heart almost explodes each time she bellies up to my Bernina.  This will be the machine that she'll be able to use without me have mini-heart attacks each time she asks to sew something.
- I'm nostalgic. My mother had a machine just like this when I was a child.  All I heard for years is how this is the greatest machine ever.  I wonder if my step-daughter will one day pick up a Bernina 1008 just for this reason. 

- It was cheap.  For a machine that I know how to work it really was a good deal.  I'll have to bring it into a shop to get it checked out, just cuz I roll that way.

-A carrying case. . awesome!

It has a smaller throat than I remember. I don't have any cams besides A that she had with it. And there was only one foot.  So I'll slowly be looking for additional parts for my new-old Viking. Heck I even remember where to turn off the light.  Oh and my mother approves because she still tells me I've come out hundreds of dollars ahead - she is so jealous.


  1. I'm green with envy!
    Well done for your find and I hope you two ladies have loads of fun together playing and making

  2. I have that machine!!!!! I could not resist and it was a cl find too! I was lucky b/c mine did have the manuals all attachments and cams too :o) Congratulations on you new baby :o)

  3. That is great! Love a good CL find and a nostalgic sewing machine is fun!

  4. Oh, an old Viking...that looks like a hefty machine that'll last forever! Perfect for your stepdaughter!

  5. Great machine! I love old sewing machines. I know exactly what you are saying about your step daughter and the Bernina :) I just found my daughter a 1951 Singer at the thrift shop.

  6. Once on this episode of Hoarders - a lady had something like 7 sewing machines. I was like 'well, what's wrong with that?' I have 2 machines, and I covet another. You need a second when a friend visits, and heck what if you have 2 friends that visit?


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