Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sew Happy Geek - Wall Hanging Swap sent

I am shocked how quick time flies as an adult.  And it picks up speed each and every year. 

I signed up for the Sew Happy Geek's Wall Hanging Swap, way back, at the end of September.   

I'm happy to report that I meet the required mailing deadline {November 14}.  I so almost didn't because of my day job.

SHG Swap Potential ColorsI was lucky enough to sew for Jenna of Sew Happy Geek! But because of that . . . the pressure was ON!  Jenna is super sweet, uber talented, responsive to comments on her blog, but she also tweets. Where does this woman find the time?

I wanted to keep my ideas simple.  No need to break new ground when the deadline was quickly approaching.  I somehow turned these fabrics . . .

Into this. . .
Wall Hanging

Spash in the binding!
I {heart} Dresden Plates!

I did add some hand-stitching!  You know something I've never done until this project.  

I added a spash of different fabric into binding ohhhh!  I felt like it was such a contrast but you have to look really hard to find it!  :)

Wall Hanging Back

To hang this I added these super triangles that I wouldn't have thought of on my own as a wall hanger {tute found here}. I added these to all four corners  for dearest Jenna to a) decide which way to hang this and to b) be able to change things up.  I think it feels like a different wall hanging depending on which direction you hang it.  Yeah that might be just me - sigh.

I am a little anxious to receive my wall hanging - just ask my fella!     But once I do - I'll let ya'll know!


  1. So beautiful!! I'm jealous of your skills, lady! Gorgeous colors, awesome Dresden plate, all-around perfection. :) and congrats on the hand stitching!

  2. It looks fab, well done :o) I'm still waiting (im)patiently for mine too... Damn posties conspiring against us!

  3. LOVE it, oh that is so beautiful. The hand stitching really puts it over the top! Can't wait to see what you get!

  4. Shanna, it looks fabulous! I love the colors and your hand stitching is perfect!

  5. Well done...It is a lovely wall hanging. I am sure Jenna will love it. What a great job she has done putting together such a fun swap.

  6. Great job!!Jenna will love it.

  7. Your dresden plate is absolutely stunning! Jenna is so blessed and you are so talented :)

  8. Wow! It's gorgeous and the hand stitching is perfect :)

  9. Mine, mine, it's all mine! I can't believe you'd never hand quilted before as it looks totally profesh?! You are so amazing and when I showed it to my students they asked me to add a dresden block to the sampler quilt! I absolutely adore my wall hanging and it will be an heirloom. Thanks so much! You rock!

  10. Your dresden plate puts mine to shame all pointy and perfect, mine looks like it was on the plate I dropped from a great big hight! As always your sewing rocks my little corner of the sewing world :D


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