Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Story of my first pin cushion

Do ya ever have something that just moves you to almost tears?  Well I get a bit of that with my interactions I have through my on-line bee's, reading the many crafty bloggers, and my tweeps.

I'm in an interesting bee run by Staci (she blogs over here) She runs a tight ship and is helpful when something goes awry.  She's like the many mother's I've adopted over the years!

The Orange you Glad bee is 2 hives of talented and very talkative ladies. Many of them, I believe, are older and many of them are religious.  I find that I don't mix in a lot of their conversations - although it's entertaining to watch.  While I feel a bit different it doesn't mean that I don't feel welcome.

Orange You Glad Bee Blocks received
I had 10 of these lovely ladies make me blocks back in November.  I've yet to make this into a top but here's a blah photo of their creativity with my fabrics. This night photo does not give any justice to these amazing blocks! 

One of these lovely ladies, grendelskin (she blogs over here) sent me two amazing blocks, a note, and a start of a block. I was totally confused when I opened this package but when I read the note I was taken aback. She included a small (around 4" square) block with amazing stitching with a small burn in the middle.

She had an iron malfunction at the start of this block.  Totally happens. I'm happy she didn't rip this all out and start again. I personally would have cried, complained to my fella, and thrown out this mistake. No word to the Queen Bee. . . I mean it wasn't a ton of fabric.  I expect some mistakes to happen and I hope that I provide enough fabric to compensate. 

I think that's why grendelskin sending me this block has just stuck with me.  I adore this little block!

I love it so much I made myself a pin cushion from it! 
I couldn't get the burn from the center and I'm glad it didn't come all the way out.
I pondered putting some stitch the burn area but decided against even that.

Here's my cherished first pin cushion.

Orange you Glad - Pincushion for me

Now I can't live without this pincushion.  I'm sure a few more of these will be on my to-do list this year - with or without burns. . it doesn't matter.


  1. Sweet story, Shanna! You never know when you will make someone's day ~ even months later.

  2. Aww, what a lovely story, and such a cute wee pincushion :o)

  3. LOVE your orange block & your pin cushion Shanna!

  4. What a sweet story. Love that the pincushion is a reminder to embrace life as it happens.

  5. great story! cute pincushion


  6. I love that story. I have found my bee mates to be so much fun. I am glad I joined all of them except for the somewhat added pressure at the end of each month - I hate the idea of letting someone down. Thank you for sharing and I LOVE your pincushion!

  7. Love the pin cushion. And am relieved that I am not the only one left feeling awkward around religious folk in groups.

  8. Lol, No, Anonymous, you're defo not the only one there! But now I live in England where Christians tend to feel less of that need to be so declarative.

    Shanna, i love your pin cushion! What a sweet story :) I like the blocks too, it'll be a cute quilt!


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