Friday, February 17, 2012

This time last month

I'm feeling behind this month.  My 7 bee's are still going, yes some are ending soon.

Sad that one gal didn't want us to sew for her this month. One queen bee is asking for a free-style block. Even with the below finishes, a lack of sun around these parts and life just hitting at once has make it where I'm a bit of the white rabbit.

I'm late . .  I'm late. . .

It's not getting me down per say, I'm just gonna wait for fabric love to hit and enjoy getting these creative blocks out the door.

Here are a few that I have made a few to-date for February.

Here's blocks for one (of two) Queen Bee's in  my Red and Aqua group.

Aqua and Red - February
This one is for tangled_threads . . . it's going to be a lovely quilt!

For the{Sew Bee It} group.
{Sew Bee It} - Block 1 - Feb 12

monkeysx2 requested confetti blocks.  These were rocking to make! 

{Sew Bee It} - Block 2 - Feb 12

I love the background color, I happen to be using it in one of MY projects. And the snippets of color are something else.  I wish I would have added more empty space (I actually thought I was!). I love these blocks. I could envision a huge quilt from large snippets.  I'm not sure if I could handle making tons of blocks for a whole thing. . . wait maybe that's why we are in bee's ;)

I also finished my blocks for Orange you Glad.  The queen bee miniaturequilter asked us to make pumpkin blocks.  A few photos and some fabric . . here's what I made.  I'm pretty happy with the stem. 

Orange you Glad - Feb 12

The blocks I haven't gotten to yet include a flying geese block, a tree block, and a few spiderweb blocks.
I'm pretty sure I can knock these out during my Quilt Day with Jo and Becky this weekend.



  1. Not to worry old girl, the bug will bite, it always does. Your pumpkin is awesome and those confetti blocks were fun and easy. I thought the same thing, that I would end up with more space. Spring is around the corner, it always follows winter, without fail. :)

  2. Great job on all of them, but particularly love the confetti ones. Still plenty of time to go in the month :o)

  3. I am in awe of all that you get done! You may feel behind but I am super-impressed!

  4. You have gotten a lot done! I love the look of your red & aqua block - you are right, that is going to be a gorgeous quilt!


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