Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pardon me while I do a jig

LQS FMF findWhy yes, I do have a spring in my step today.  Oh that's right I got me some Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy also known as FMF!

Everyone (tweeps, co-workers, and my family) have been hearing about FMF.  How I SO need this fabric line. Oh yes, I even blogged about it back here.

I finally calmed down a bit when Julie over at The Intrepid Thread took a pre-order. Julie has the best service I've found on-line!

Oh you wanted to see?  Ohhhh Okay! 

Last week LQS just got some FMF in.  I was standing there begging them to inventory the gray seeds while I was standing there!  I held back and only bought a little and I'm sure I'll go back for more!

This was me holding back because I have a yard bundle {plus some} AT MY DOOR STEP TODAY!
Flea Market Fancy - mine all mine

I'm not the only one out there drooling over FMF there is a whole flickr group that is going gag gag over this original and reprint! Oh how I love the quilting network I've tapped into.  ♥

I'll be adding a little of my new pretties out with my 33 bee packages I'm sending out this next week.  {crazy}


  1. Now that's a lovely thing to find on your doorstep!

  2. oh my that is one wonderful fabric bundle to have delivered. I bought 4 half yards which arrived today and it really is gorgeous fabric, seriously nice. i neeeed some more, although I may be too scared to cut into it for a while. Enjoy your FMF :)

  3. Mine hasn't arrived yet and I'm absolutely dying! Stupid slow poke canada post!

  4. Beautiful! Waiting for my pre-ordered bundle from Julie as well (I'll see her in April at the next BAMQG meeting). Or I may just show up at her doorstep to pick it up, I'm that hot to have it!

  5. haha! Glad you're getting your "fix". It is, after all, much better for you than alternatives, cheaper than psychotherapy (so I tell my husband). Sounds like you need a good fix after 33 bee packages :-O.

  6. Something about quilting fabric that drives us to insanity when WE KNOW WE CAN'T HAVE IT YET

  7. YAAY!!!!! I am still waiting for my little fq bundle...lucky YOU!!!!!! I am doing a happy dance for you :O)

  8. Have fun with it! (in a small voice, I'm not a real FMF fan, but I do like the seedlings)

  9. 33? Seriously? That's a lot of little packages! I bet you can't wait till all the blocks come home!
    It is so pretty........pretty..... pretty!!!


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