Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spoke too Soon

I seem to put a jinx on myself!

Many of my bee's are ending this or next month.  I am queen bee and have most {not all} of my blocks I have to sew done, although not out the door.

I need to slow down my commitments. . but then something like this . . .

siggy med

comes by! 

Easy 3.5" squares. . why YES!  I can do that!

This is a stash buster baby!

Come check out the flickr group or the beautiful blog post found here at The Peacock Tree.

This is being hosted by the talented The Crafty Blackbird

*Sign-up's til May 1*


  1. Kind of a random comment here... but check this out! I picked you!

  2. Heh, I think that always happens, you get to the end of a whole pile of busy, and then think 'maybe I could...' :oD

  3. You're welcome! I like to suck my friends in!

  4. Thanks for helping to promote the swap!

  5. I just realized you linked me to your post! Thank you! So excited to be in this little ziggy swap with you!!


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