Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A whole month gone in other words April bee blocks catch-up

Well I must say that a whole month has whisked by and I'm wondering where it's gone! 

Sewing wise I was focused on my auction quilt and I'm so proud!

That came at the perfect time as I was Queen Bee for 3 of my (cough) few bee's I'm participating in.  I've been gathering a few packages every few days.  I'll blog about that sometime in the future!

As for what I was able to sew for others I had a few items.

Block Party Bee

Block Party Bee - April '12 Block 1 

These are made from some lovely vintage sheets.

Block Party Bee - April '12 Block 2

I have to say that I am Mama Mac chose a lovely block for everyone to sew up. 

Orange you Glad - April '12

Marta requested these wonderful granny squares.  Seriously the best blocks eva!  That's why they are popping up all over the quilty blogs.

Aqua and Red - April '12

Look at the lovely fabrics tinking along sent.  It was super fun to pick out any star I wanted and not to have a background like white, as I'm used to.

Templates from the talented Anna is to just fall over from.  I'm in awe of all of her work go check her out you won't be sorry!

  Bee a Lone Star{burst} April Block 2

These blocks are for Crandons. She wanted grey backgrounds and YUM!  I have to stop questioning my fabric choices as these are rocking all done up.

Bee a Lone Star{burst} April Blocks

Sarah has given me permission to not stress about her blocks. . so here they are but I'm going to wait til I'm in the right mind-set to stitch them up. I'll show the finished blocks off when I finish them. 

I also have to finish up a blocks for the group I'm hosting {Sew Bee It}. I get to sew for one of my favorite bee-mates Mary picked yet another block that stretches me beyond what I anticipated. Black is such a lovely stark color.  Oh it's fun to sew for others!  But I'll also show that off later.


That's my re-cap for most of April. May is a bit more busy but that's another story for another time.

Hope you get to hear the whir of a machine soon!



  1. Ok I was going to start my comment with the Orange You Glad block but then realized that I need to comment on them all - wonderful job! Those Bee a Long Star Bursts are amazing - yes, quit questioning your fabric choices...they work! Congratulations on all of your April finishes. :)

  2. WOW! Those all look great! You've been very busy!! I think I finally figured out why I don't do bees. I'd have such a hard time sending all of those beautiful blocks away!

  3. They are so gorgeous! I love the vintage sheets! You are a busy bee :)

  4. You have bee mates with fabulous taste! I love that green and gray color combo!


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