Friday, November 9, 2012

Half-way through the 100-day hustle

Seriously half-way through the hustle.
Whaaa we started in Sept?  Here is my original post.

NO way near that much through my totally do-able list. 
Hello life - rushing by!

Not a big deal.  This goal setting activity is just up my alley actually.  I love lists.

I think I need a shorter time framed list.
More done!  That's what I want - don't you!

Well, let's review and summaries where I am. . .

1. Knitted baby blanket I worked on this a bit. . I have about a ball and 1/3 left to go. 

2. Quilt-top for the same friends toddler I've basted this and have 1/2 of it machine quilted. . can't wait to share! :)

3. Commission quilt I totally started this . . . it rocks!!

4. Postage Stamp quilt top I blogged about this here. It's still on my design board - kinda.  It's occupying the lower half.  That means it's still on my mind - this is good.

5. PJ pants for fella   Yeah . . . la - la - la.  Actually my fella talked about being able to cut these out.  That would be awesome. :)  So no movement but there's good intentions and conversations on this one.

6. Quilt top put together from Block Party Nope. . but I know exactly where these are living at the moment.  I think I found 3 more completed blocks!  That totally rocks!

7. Matching sock to a lone sock Nope - I don't even know where the ball of yarn is.  {Hangs head in shame}

I'm linking up to Kelsey for the mid-point check in. 

Kelsey Sews

Go check out how other's are doing too

To console myself I had to get myself some of this
 .. it really does HELP
*This can be found at the etsy shop LongWinterSoapCo *


  1. Ahaha that chap stick! Can't wait to see more of that baby quilt :)

  2. Lol! Where did you find that chap stick? It is awesome! Can't wait to see the toddler quilt all done! It looks so gorgeous!

  3. hehehehehe Unicorn Farts!!!

    I think you're doing great with your list!!! I need a list. I really think I need to make a list :)

  4. Your to-do-list is like my to-think list. "I think I'll put this top together." "I am going to quilt this top." "I'm making so and so a bag" etc etc. Can only get to about a third of what I think I want to do.

  5. you just keep right on chugging through that list, you can do it! your work so far is sweet!

  6. What is it with life? I mean, we have such good intentions! The fact that you're even entertaining a postage stamp quilt is amazing to me! :) Nice work!

  7. Don't you love it when you can cross off your project as complete? Lovely work!

  8. Nice progress on your hustle list. What pattern are you using for your knitted baby blanket? Or are you just making it up?
    cheers and good luck with all the upcoming finishes!

  9. You have some great progress. Love that postage stamp quilt.


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