Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing - what's that?

I am so lucky to live right down the road for such a sweet and talented blogger, Solar Threads.

Yesterday we got together to "sew" - it was mainly catching up since it's been awhile since we actually got to talk.

I did bring over my fabric for the Sew Kind of Wonderful Curve it Up QAL.  I only opened the box - nothing got accomplished! There are 7 blocks listed and I have 3 of them done -lalalalala
{maybe a March A Lovely Year of finishes goal :) }


I been sewing, but something not so quilty.

I putting lace back on a wedding dress.

I felt super smart! I transformed the bookshelf to a hanging device.  The dress wasn't flopping around here and there.

Oh and I free motion quilted the lace on.  I have no clue if that was right but you know what - it doesn't matter :) Because it's done, done, done!
I feel a little crazy that I actually took this project on!
Only for one of my bff's!

I'm linking up to

Better Off Thread

I'm also desperately avoiding a new project because of Janice's lone star post.

Happy Tuesday peeps!



  1. You are doing better than me with the Curve it Up QAL. I have only picked out my fabric. I haven't made a single block! Which begs the question, am I really participating in the QAL if all I've done is pick fabric at this point? I don't know.

  2. And I thought I got weird commissions from people ;o)

  3. Bet fmq looks awesome on that dress + it is a gorgeous picture really :)

  4. One - what a creative way to figure out the lace project! I had to alter a wedding dress once, and I was freaked out, then when I inspected closely - I was all 'oh, that's how they did that, phhhtttt, I can do that'. And I did.

    Two - You have to get all the talking out of the way over the phone - or have two sew days.

    Three - stop resisting!

  5. Congratulations! It just looks so lovely! You are brilliant!

  6. It was great seeing you, even if we didn't get much sewing done! Sometimes it's more important / fun to catch up! Maybe you could just make one (new) block to get it out of your system, and get the momentum going again!

  7. Wow! Love the dress! I'm sure it's great and will be even better because YOU did it! Gifts for/from friends are real treasures. I miss sewing...need to get it on my schedule! ;)


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