Monday, July 22, 2013

Are you a crazy & twisted quilter?

Do you want to quilt with others?
Do you want to share your time and fabrics?
Opps . . there is the cost of postage in here too.  

Here’s the vision:

6 people (or multiples of 6) ,
12 months (maybe 14 with holiday breaks),
Working on a crazy quilt as you go quilt that would end up with a completed quilt top by the end of this project.

What will we be making?

How about a quilt as you go, round robin-ish, embellished quilt!

Quilt as you go.
You know where it's stitched to the batting.
Examples of this is found at Maureen Cracknell Handmade, Stitched in Color, fantastic ideas at Sew Can She crazy quilt block along, or there is even a Tara Rebman- Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags {affiliated link}

What do we mean by embellished?
You can request hand embroidery, machine embroidery (if participants have that capability), added ribbons, laces, etc.  When we start the flickr group. . . we’ll be requesting a list of tutorials.

And a round robin?
This is an -ish as it can be in "rounds" or it can be in areas.

You'll end up with something like these lovely beauties I found on flickr.


There are rules 
of course.

The first rule of crazy & twisted quilters is  to communicate.

Yeah I'm big on this one. Just keep everyone posted and we can keep everything move smoother. If you are having issues with timing or money just say so and we'll all figure it out. :) We can’t help or sympathize if you don’t talk to us.  You have to keep the leader informed!  If you don’t talk then it just feels as if you’re snubbing the group.

This will be mainly run through flickr.  
The photos will be seen to everyone but the discussions will be private.
You’ll be required to have an account and to check this often.  

You'll need to put all vital information in your thread: Size request, colors request, background fabric request, guidelines you're supplying.

Use only cotton quilt shop quality fabrics.

Please take lots of photos and comment on other's photos.

Keep it nice, positive and fun.
Mis-communication can happen quickly with words. We can't see body language when we say these things.  If you have an issue please contact one of the leaders and ask them for some help. Since they are the ones that can also delete comments if they are off the mark.

How do I get started?

Soooooo, Melissa from Sew Bittersweet Designs and I are teaming up again. Whoop! This was a mixture of both of our ideas. I just have to say that Melissa is a rockstar!

Melissa and I have both run flickr groups over the last two + years.  We've run into some people that do not have the same vision. And we've had some drop-outs, people who don't communicate, and at times people who have kept fabric without a peep. And with any group - it's interesting to find the right group dynamic.  

So first there is an application process.  This process is to gather same minded people together for a project such as this.

We do request that you have experience in quilting but also on-line swaps, bee's, groups.

If this is you. . please fill out this form   

*If you want to edit your changes later. . you must save the website that is provided after the form is submitted.  Don't share that as anyone that has it. . will edit your responses.*

Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and I will review these. 

The initial deadline for invites will be closed July 28 (1 week)

When we've seen the interest and trying to match like people together we'll email you to tell you if you've been accepted. . there will be instructions of what you’ll need to do to prepare your crazy & twisted quilt foundation.

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  1. That sounds so interesting and fun. I've been wanting to do a round robin quilt since I saw the Traveling Quilts Bees. I'd love to do this. Our contributions would be QAYG? Does the batting hold up well after being stuffed into envelopes?

    1. Great question. We'll be using a larger box for all mailings. If you tried to put it in an envelope I'm sure it would break down quickly.

  2. I was about halfway through filling in war and peace (aka the form ;o) ) when I remembered how much time I didn't have, and stopped, sorry! I'll be looking forward to seeing all you come up with though :o)


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