Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My own private Idaho

How is it only Tuesday? 
I mean I had a long weekend to finally visit my family in Idaho.
Already missing my own private Idaho.  ♡♥♡♥
I love this place!
I have to say, I'm so proud of my mother -
we decluttered not only her closets but also her quilting magazine pile. 
I only took a fraction of these to even see if I want to keep them.
While I was in Idaho I picked up this 
So excited to share what happened to me this past weekend - 40 yards baby!
40-yards of 90" wide.
I'll be tracking the usage on the box!
I estimate this will last me 2 years.
My fella rolls his eyes and thinks it will only last a year.
But because I committed myself. . I'll be using this UP!
9 quilt-tops that are ready to go. . here I come!

Oh and I also picked up foam for a cushion. 
Yeah I'll be looking up many tutorials for this too.

No rest for the crafty!

Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC week so far!



  1. 2 yrs? No way! My first one didn't even last a year :)

  2. Holy Cow! 40 yards of wadding I am hella jealous but where on earth will you keep it? and I'm with Melissa and your man 12 month tops :D

  3. It is the true mark of a quilter when you purchase batting by the bolt. =)

  4. So, err, just a little batting then ;o)

  5. Yep...I'm thinking it will last you less than a year too =P

  6. How nice to have it handy and ready to go!

  7. I just emptied a 40 yard roll...took three years -which seemed longer than I estimated. It is so nice to have, you will love it!

  8. I bought a 20 yard batting bolt lately, my first ever bolt. I'm guessing it will last about 9 months, depending on how much sewing time I get when I'm back to work in October.

  9. Hi, Hon, I just picked a little batting for a few tops I have ready. No. Big. Deal. I spent some time with my family in FL recently, it is so nice to see familiar places and familiar faces.

  10. Are we taking bets on how long that roll with last? I vote 14 months!

  11. Wow! I would love to have a roll of batting that long. It seems as though I never have enough on hand when I'm ready to make my quilt sandwich.


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